The new Supreme Court Building in Port Louis is a symbol of our cooperation and our shared values : PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi & Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth jointly inaugurate the new Supreme Court building of Mauritius via Video Conferencing :

  • First of all, I congratulate the Government and people of Mauritius for effective management of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I am happy that India was able to support this effort through timely supplies of medicines and sharing of experiences.
  • Today we celebrate yet another landmark in the special friendship between India and Mauritius. The new Supreme Court Building in Port Louis is a symbol of our cooperation and our shared values.
  • Both India and Mauritius respect our independent judiciaries as important pillars of our democratic systems. This impressive new building, with its modern design and construction, is a mark of this respect
  • Only a few months back, we had jointly inaugurated the landmark Metro project and a new state-of-the-art hospital. I am happy to know that both these projects are proving useful for the people of Mauritius.
  • It was in Mauritius that I had first spoken about India’s vision of ‘SAGAR – Security and Growth for All in the Region’. This is because Mauritius is at the heart of India’s approach to the Indian Ocean region.
  • History has taught us that in the name of development partnerships, nations were forced into dependence partnerships. It gave rise to colonial and imperial rule. It gave rise to global power block.
  • India is making development partnerships that are marked by: Respect. Diversity. Care for the future. Sustainable development.
  • For India, the most fundamental principle in development cooperation is respecting our partners. This sharing of development lessons is our only motivation. That is why our development cooperation does not come with any conditions
  • India’s development partnerships are diverse. From commerce to culture, Energy to engineering, Health to housing, IT to infrastructure, Sports to science, India is working with nations across the globe.
  • If India is honoured to help in the Parliament building in Afghanistan, It is also proud to be associated in the making of the Mahatma Gandhi Convention Centre in Niger.
  • India is not only proud to be helping your present. We consider it our privilege to help you create a better future for your youth, your next generation. That is why, training and skilling is such an important part of our development cooperation.
  • The future is about sustainable development. Human needs and aspirations cannot be in conflict with our natural surroundings. That is why, we believe in both human empowerment and care for the environment.
  • Based on this philosophy, India made efforts to nurture new institutions like the International Solar Alliance. Let the rays of the sun brighten the journey of human progress. We are also working on a strong Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.
  • All these values I spoke about above come together in our special partnership with Mauritius. With Mauritius, we share not only the waters of the Indian Ocean, but also a common heritage of kinship, culture and language.
  • Our partnership is destined to soar even higher in the coming years.

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