About Us

the indian national daily

We seek to become India’s first destination for News in the Digital Media through our emphasis on presenting Credible, Crisp and Interesting content, to those in search of ‘Live News Updates’ from Jammu Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Maharashtra to the North East States.

With a ‘Sea of Opinion‘ available on each and every issue, we are similiar to a Country Boat holding its sails high and steady in reaching to the viewers, the work done by the Government, the Opposition and major Political Parties ‘Uncoloured’.

Thus, we present the Reader / Viewer an opportunity to judge for himself and form his own opinion, instead of we turning into a Battleground of different colours of opinion.

If Democracy were to be likened to a Clap, the Ruling party and the Opposition are the two hands that are required to produce it.
If the ‘Right hand’ tries to clasp the ‘Left’or the Left tries to do the same, Democracy will fall silent.

Credible News flow is the foundation on which the Fourth Pillar rests. By keeping the flow of news uncoloured, credible news ensures that the clap of democracy is neither Muted nor Muffled.

We invite discerning news seekers to follow us in this journey of Credible Journalism.