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Deep silence is the mother of creativity. No creativity can come out of one who is too busy, worried, over-ambitious or lethargic :
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Sri Sri at Sunrise

Move on in life with the confidence that you will be given everything in abundance, and that you are being protected by the Divine :
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A momentous event in our wildlife conservation history during Amrit Kaal!: Bhupendar Yadav – Union Minister

Bhupendar Yadav – Union Minister:

Congratulations India

A momentous event in our wildlife conservation history during Amrit Kaal!

I am delighted to share that four cubs have been born to one of the cheetahs translocated to India on 17th September 2022, under the visionary leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi ji.

I congratulate the entire team of Project Cheetah for their relentless efforts in bringing back cheetahs to India and for their efforts in correcting an ecological wrong done in the past.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

When the heart speaks and the heart listens, harmony is produced :
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Sri Sri at Sunrise

Learning is inevitable. Either by mistakes or by doing things correctly, you cannot but learn. From every situation, from everybody, you learn either what to do or what not to do :
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Had positive discussion on Ingredion’s plan to invest in Maharashtra: Devendra Fadnavis РDy CM, Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis – Dy CM, Maharashtra:

Along with CM Eknath Shinde ji, it was a great pleasure to meet and host Mr. Jim Zallie, President & CEO, Ms. Valdirene Evans, Senior Vice President of APAC region, Mr. Rana Kayal of Ingredion, the leading ingredient solutions provider important for the food, beverage, animal nutrition, brewing and industrial markets.

In our insightful meeting, we had positive discussion on Ingredion’s plan to invest in Maharashtra.

We assured all support for it and are eager to welcome it to Maharashtra

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia inaugurates direct flight between Amritsar and Gatwick Airport

Ministry of Civil Aviation:

Union Minister of Civil Aviation and Steel, Jyotiraditya Scindia inaugurated a direct flight between Amritsar and Gatwick today. 

The non-stop flight between Amritsar and Gatwick will be operated by Air India commencing from today, as per the following schedule:

Flt No.FromToFreq.Dep. Time (LT)Arr. Time (LT)
AI169ATQLGWThrice a week13201755
AI170LGWATQThrice a week20100840+1

In his inaugural address the Minister said that this new international connectivity will work as a catalyst for the development of the region.

It is an emotional subject also as lakhs of people of Punjab live in the UK and this new service will connect families living in two different countries.

Speaking on the infrastructure development at Amritsar Airport, Shri Scindia said that the Union Government under the leadership of PM Modi has assured the development of Amritsar Airport.  

The government has developed 13 parking aprons with an expenditure of Rs 50 crores, at the cost of Rs 100 crores, a parallel taxi-track has also been developed for easy movement of aircraft.

A new integrated terminal has also been developed with an expenditure of Rs. 250 crores.

On connectivity Minister said that this is the 3rd connectivity between Amritsar and England and there are six international flights which are operational from Amritsar.

By 2014 Amritsar was connected to only 6 cities, in 9 years under the leadership of PM Modi, it has increased to 21 cities, a jump of 250 per cent.

Earlier the weekly traffic movement was 217 per week which has now increased to 416 per week, an increase of 87 per cent. Under the RCS UDAN scheme, with a budget of Rs. 145.35 crore, 20 routes have been operational in Punjab and 4 more routes are planned to commence in the near future.

The government has signed an open sky offer with Canada wherein airline operators can operate unlimited flights between Indian cities and their Canadian counterparts.

He mentioned that, he is hopeful that the state of Punjab and its people will benefit from this agreement…

Centre constitutes committee to monitor stock disclosure of Tur

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution:

he Department of Consumer Affairs has constituted a Committee under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Smt. Nidhi Khare to monitor the stock of Tur held by entities such as importers, millers, stockists, traders etc. in close coordination with the state governments.

The decision has come against the backdrop of reports of market players not releasing stocks despite regular arrival of imports in good quantities.

The latest announcement of a Committee to monitor stock disclosure indicates the government’s intention to deal with hoarders and unscrupulous speculators in the market.

It also indicates the government’s determination to keep prices of Tur under control in months ahead.

The government is also closely watching the stock position of other pulses in the domestic market to take necessary preemptive measures in the event of unwarranted price rise in the coming months.

It may be recalled that the government had issued an advisory to the States/UTs on 12th August, 2022, to enforce stock disclosure in respect of Tur under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

Further, in order to facilitate smooth and seamless import, the government has removed the 10 per cent duty applicable for Tur imports from non-LDC countries as the duty creates procedural hurdles even for zero duty imports from the LDCs.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

The formless is ruling your life. The formless is ruling the world. And there is a greater formlessness that is ruling this entire creation. And you are the center of that formlessness:
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To love someone whom you like is not a big deal at all.
To love someone because they love you, you get zero marks.To love someone whom you do not like, you have learned a lesson in life.To love someone who blames you for no reason, you have learned the art of living:
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Spontaneity carries awareness. Impulsiveness comes out of emotional disturbance; spontaneity comes from a quiet and calm state of mind. Creativity is always spontaneous:

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From whoever you receive love, just know that it is from the Divine. You are getting love from the one supreme energy :
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PM Narendra Modi unveils Bharat 6G Vision Document and launches ‚ÄėCall before u Dig‚Äô App

Prime Minister’s Office:

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Area office & Innovation Centre in India at a programme in Vigyan Bhawan today.

The Prime Minister also unveiled the Bharat 6G Vision Document and launched the 6G R&D Test Bed.

He also launched the ‚ÄėCall before u Dig‚Äô App.

ITU is the United Nations’ specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs). India signed a Host Country Agreement in March 2022 with ITU for the establishment of Area Office. It will serve India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and Iran, enhancing coordination among nations and fostering mutually beneficial economic cooperation in the region.

Ms Doreen-Bogdan Martin, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union thanked the Prime Minister for helping develop the new ITU Office and innovation center in India which marks a new chapter in the long history of India and ITU.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that today is a special day that marks the new year of the Hindu calendar and conveyed his greetings on the occasion of Vikram Samvat 2080. Observing the diversity of India and the presence of various calendars that are prevalent for centuries, the Prime Minister gave examples of the Malayalam Calendar and Tamil Calendar and said that the Vikram Samvat calendar has been ongoing since 2080 years. He noted that the Gregorian calendar reads 2023 at present but Vikram Samvat began 57 years prior to that.

He expressed delight that a new beginning is taking place in the telecom sector of India on this auspicious day where the area office and innovation center of ITU is being inaugurated. He also noted that the 6G Test Bed and the vision document related to this technology have been unveiled which will not only usher new energy in digital India but also provide solutions and innovations for the Global South.

The Prime Minister underlined that it will create new opportunities for India’s innovators, industries and startups. He also noted that this initiative will strengthen cooperation and collaboration in the IT sector of South Asian countries.

The Prime Minister said as India is fulfilling its responsibilities as G20 Presidency, reducing regional divide is one of its key priorities. The Prime Minister referred to the recent Global South Summit and underlined the importance of technology, design and standards as per the needs of the Global South as Global South is trying to rapidly breach the technological divide. ‚ÄúITU Area Office and Innovation Centre is a huge step in this direction and will also give momentum to India‚Äôs efforts to provide universal connectivity in the Global South‚ÄĚ, he said.

The Prime Minister said that it is natural to have expectations from India in the context of bridging the global divide. He said that India‚Äôs capabilities, innovation culture, infrastructure, skilled and innovative manpower and its favourable policy environment are the basis of these expectations. ‚ÄúIndia has two key strengths – trust and scale. We can not take technology to all corners without trust and scale. The entire world is talking about India‚Äôs efforts in this direction‚ÄĚ, he said. 

The Prime Minister remarked that India’s efforts in this direction have become a matter of discussion all around the world. Highlighting the achievements, the Prime Minister informed that India is now the most connected democracy in the world with more than a hundred crore mobile connections and credited this transformation to the availability of cheap smartphones and data.

‚ÄúMore than 800 crore digital payments are made every month in India through UPI‚ÄĚ, he said. He further added that more than 7 crore e-authentications take place in India every day. He also informed that more than 220 crore vaccine doses were administered through the Co-Win platform in India.

In the past few years, the Prime Minister said, India has transferred more than 28 lakh crore rupees to the bank accounts of its citizens via Direct Benefit Transfers. He informed that India has successfully managed to open more bank accounts than the entire population of the USA through the Jan Dhan Yojna which were later authenticated through Unique Digital Identity or Aadhar and helped in connecting more than a hundred crore people through the mobile phone. 

‚ÄúTelecom technology for India is not a mode of power, but a mission to empower‚ÄĚ, the Prime Minister remarked. He noted that digital technology is universal in India and accessible to everyone.

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For the one who is doing good work, every day and every time is a good time:
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Asia’s largest 4-metre International Liquid Mirror Telescope inaugurated: Dr Jitendra Singh РUnion Minister

Dr Jitendra Singh – Union Minister:

‚ÄúIndia achieves another historic milestone under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi with the inauguration of Asia‚Äôs largest 4-metre International Liquid Mirror Telescope which now places India at a different¬†and¬†a¬†much higher level of capabilities to study the mysteries of the skies and astronomy, and to share the same with the rest¬†of¬†the¬†world‚ÄĚ.

Attended a remarkable talk by Prof Arthur C Brookes, who teaches Happiness at Harvard Business School: Shashi Tharoor – MP, Congress leader

Shashi Tharoor – MP, Congress leader:

Attended a remarkable talk by Prof Arthur C Brookes, who teaches Happiness at Harvard Business School.

Enjoyment, satisfaction & meaning are the 3 components of happiness.

Pleasure is evanescent; add consciousness & communion to get enjoyment.

Fulfilment of an objective gives satisfaction.

‚ÄúTrue satisfaction comes from dividing all that you have by all that you want.‚ÄĚ (ArthurCBrookes). And meaning comes from a sense of purpose & direction in your life.

Genetics also plays a role in happiness. So does luck. Circumstances play only a temporary role in happiness.

Four habits matter in happiness: practice a transcendent faith; maintain family relationships; sustain close friendships not defined by utility; & earn success at work while serving others.

Superb prescription from Arthur C Brookes. Thanks Ashoka University for a memorable talk.

Be happy!

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Doubt cannot come where there is a sense of closeness. Doubt needs a distance to appear. You never doubt something that is dear to you, close to you! :
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Don’t defend your mistakes. Just accept them and move on. When you are totally defenceless, that’s when you’ll be strong :
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