Uddhav Thackeray

Whatever I have done so far, is after taking the people into confidence; I want to request the Centre for additional manpower to give the police relief in phases for a few days : Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s address to the State today:

  • Yesterday, me and my Cabinet colleagues, including Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar ji, and Ministers from the INC Maharashtra , NCP and Shiv Sena held a very positive meeting with leaders of all parties in Maharashtra.
  • They were told about measures being taken by us. Suggestions were sought from them. I am very happy that they gave some very valuable suggestions. Some of them are being implemented and others are in the pipeline.
  • This meeting saw an expression of unity keeping aside all political considerations. My confidence has doubled. All of them assured me that there is no politics here, and they will stand with the Government firmly. We asked them to let us know about any measures that can be taken.
  • Today, I am very anguished as I speak to you. Early today morning, the incident that happened on the Railway lines between Jalna and Sambhajinagar, has upset me a lot.
  • My appeal to the migrant labour is, there is no need to panic. Keep up your patience like you have been doing. The Maharashtra Government is with you, let us cooperate with each other as the problem is serious.
  • The Maharashtra Government , your State Government and the Central Government are in talks, and trains and buses are being provided for, we will inform you as the availability increases.
  • But while we do this, do not fall prey to rumours. There are rumours about trains starting from some place and people rush there.
  • What happened today morning is very unfortunate. Trains have started from Sambhajinagar. But, the people who lost their lives today, walked via the rail tracks to go to Bhusawal.
  • I do not know who told them to go to Bhusawal. They were tired of walking and sat on the railway tracks near the Karmad village in the wee hours of the morning. They fell asleep and lost their lives.
  • I will reiterate, please stay where you are, the State Machinery is in touch with you. We will send you back as we make arrangements and not rest till this is done.

I want to request the Centre for additional manpower to give the police relief in phases for a few days.

  • For the past few days, there is a rumour that the Army will be deployed in Mumbai and there will be a lockdown and all shops will be closed. What is the need for the army? Whatever I have done so far, is after taking you into confidence.
  • As I said in our first meeting, you are the jawans in this battle. Those jawans are protecting the borders, but you are fighting this war with persistence and discipline by staying home. There is no need for the Army to deployed in Mumbai.
  • Those in our machinery like doctors, nurses, conservancy workers, revenue staff and police are under immense strain. Some policemen are falling sick and some have lost their lives while fighting for us. They are human beings and all of them need rest.
  • Hence, I have a plan in my mind, but please do not misunderstand this. I want to request the Centre for additional manpower to give the police relief in phases for a few days. Some unwell police need time to be cured.
  • We may ask the Centre for additional manpower, but this may be misinterpreted as the army being deployed. But, it is not so. This is meant to give relief to the tired police force. Our measures are well-rounded, we are arranging for hospital, doctors and police.
  • I am telling this to you today, so that fear and misunderstandings do not creep into your minds as this happens.

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