Big mismatch between the announcements of the Government and ground situation : SS Badal on the grain markets in Punjab

Sukhbir Singh Badal, @officeofssbadal, Former Deputy CM – Punjab :

  • The e-token system has pathetically failed in Punjab.
  • I request Chief Minister @capt_amarinder to take immediate corrective steps to avert total chaos in grain markets in the State during the ongoing wheat procurement season.
  • It’s not only the failure of the e-token system, the State’s inability to arrange required gunny bags, lack of cleanliness and basic hygiene in Mandis and inability to take Arhatiyas along in the procurement exercise has exposed the state government’s lack of preparation.
  • It seems most plans have been made on paper only as there is a big mismatch between the announcements of the government and ground situation.

Pic Source : @officeofssbadal

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