Lockdown 4.0 is going to be completely different from the last three lockdowns. It will be based on feedback received from all CMs : PM Modi

Excerpts from PM Modi’s address to the Nation on COVID :

  • A pandemic like this is unprecedented and unimaginable. But we can’t stop, lose or get defeated. We must follow all rules, stay safe and move forward. Today, the world’s in danger and we must strengthen our resolution. Our resolution should be greater than this problem
  • We’ve been listening to statements such as ‘the 21st century belongs to India’. We’ve witnessed the past and are keeping a keen eye on the post-COVID-19 period
  • Making the 21st century India’s isn’t just our dream, but our responsibility. The global situation today teaches us that self-reliant India is the only road towards this dream
  • When the pandemic started, India did not produce any PPE kits, and very low number of N95 masks. Today, in India, 2 lakh PPEs and N95 masks are being produced. We’ve been able to pull this off because India changed the problem into an opportunity.
  • India’s medicines are welcomed by countries worldwide globally with hope. Steps such as these has made India a popular and loved country all over the world. It’s only natural that every Indian is proud of his country and roots.
  • You have experienced that the reforms in the last six years have made India better prepared in this times of crisis.
  • We need to take this to a higher level. Reforms such as these should be in the entire supply chain of agriculture. This will also ensure that agriculture remains untouched in pandemic situations like this even in the future.
  • Corona has also made us understand the importance of local manufacturing, local markets & local supply chains. Its not just our need, but also our responsibility. It helped us when everything else was closed down to ensure essential services were continued.
  • Every Indian, from now on, must become vocal for his local products. We must not just buy it, but also advertise it. I’m sure we can do this as well. Your contributions and efforts have always been successful.
  • 1 Economy which makes quantum jumps rather than incremental change 2 Modern infrastructure 3 Tech-driven system to fulfill 21st century dreams 4 World’s vibrant Demography 5 Demand – these are the five pillars of self-reliant India
  • With the Aatmanirbhar package, India’s total economic package to deal with the aftermath of COVID stands at Rs 20 lakh crore. It is about 10% of India’s GDP
  • Lockdown 4.0 is going to be completely different from the last three lockdowns. It will be based on feedback received from all CMs.

Pic Credit : BJP4India

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