Buddha is not limited to one instance, or one place, but has inspired throughout the ages: PM Modi

PM Modi addressed Vesak Global Celebration on Buddha Purnima via video conferencing. :

  • Lord Buddha said-  मनो पुब्बं-गमा धम्मा, मनोसेट्ठा मनोमया, 
    It means, Dhamma (or the religion exists in  the mind, Mind is supreme. It leads all actions. It is the mind that connects me with you. That is why, the lack of physical presence is not so felt.
  • So, though remotely located, with the help of technology, we are getting an opportunity to interact with each other, and I should say that this is satisfying enough.
  • Buddha is synonymous with service and dedication. Buddha, with a strong will power, is the climax of social change.
  • Buddha is the one who is devoted to perseverance, self-sacrificing, and spreading joy all over the world.
  • And look at the good fortune of all of us, at this time we are seeing many people around us, who serve others, treat a patient, feed a poor person, clean a hospital, to
  • In the testing times of COVID-19, every nation has to come together to fight it.
  • Referring to the COVID warriors, the PM hailed their crucial role in curing people and maintaining the law and order.

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