You will see this symbol of Congress – ‘the hand’ in every religion, which says ‘Don’t be afraid of truth’ : Rahul Gandhi

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi addressing the workers’ conference in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu :

Whenever I come to Jammu and Kashmir I think ‘I have come home’ and with the same spirit today I want to tell to all of you that after seeing Vaishno Devi I felt ‘I have come home’.

What used to be a State, today Jammu and Kashmir has become a Union Territory. My family has a long association with Kashmir. There is a relationship of love that is decades old; coming here today I am happy but at the same time sad.

It is sad that the people of BJP-RSS are working to break your mixed culture, which is the feeling of love and brotherhood you all share amongst you.

You all are witness to this that the economy, tourism, business, of Jammu and Kashmir, has been hurt.

Yesterday when I went to Vaishno Mata’s temple, there were Trishaktis – Durga ji, Lakshmi ji, Saraswati ji. ‘Durga ji’ whom we call Durga Maa; The word Durga comes from ‘durg’; ‘Durga Maa’ means the power that protects.

Mother Lakshmi means the power that fulfills the ‘goal’; If your goal is money, then what you said is also true. If your goal is something else, then the power we get to fulfill that goal is ‘Lakshmi Maa’.

Saraswati ji is that power, which we call the goddess of learning, knowledge. These are the three powers. When these Trishaktis are in the house or in the country, the country progresses.

Has the power of Goddess Lakshmi decreased or increased due to demonetisation and GST in India? Has the power of Durga Maa decreased or increased due to the three black laws made by the farmers? When an RSS person is installed in every institution, college and school in India, does the power of Mother Saraswati decrease or increase? The answer is – yes it has decreased.

On the other hand, – When Congress party implemented MNREGA, When Congress party gave 9% GDP growth to India, did the power of Maa Lakshmi, Maa Durga and Maa Saraswati decrease or increase? The answer is – increased.

This is the Congress symbol, the ‘hand sign’, it is seen in the pictures of Nanak ji, Shiva ji, Mahavir ji, Buddha ji and every religion; When Muslims remember Allah, the hand is visible. This hand means- ‘Don’t be afraid’.

You will see this symbol of Congress i.e. the hand in every religion, which says ‘Don’t be afraid of truth’, but what does BJP do? BJP is afraid of truth.

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