Why is Govt not passing on benefit of reduced oil prices to consumers : Pawan Khera, Congress Spokesperson

Congress Party Press Briefing by @Pawankhera, Spokesperson, AICC :

  • Crude oil prices went down unexpectedly and historically yesterday. Such situation occurred due to non-purchase of crude oil in America.
  • India is the tenth largest oil importer from the US after it was banned from importing oil from Iran.
  • Why did we refuse to buy oil when the price has fallen so low Internationally? While we also have storage capacity.
  • Central excise duty on oil has been increased 12 times in last 6 years that has earned ₹ 20 lakh crore.
  • Why has the benefit not been passed on to the consumers?
  • Is the government fulfilling its obligation by not passing on this benefit to the consumers.

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