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Why have Chinese not moved back from strategic area – Depsang plains? Why have they not withdrawn from Gogra-Hot Springs?: Rahul Gandhi on border situation in Ladakh

Excerpts from Special Press Conference by Rahul Gandhi – former Congress President – at AICC HQ via INC India:

Yesterday, the Defence Minister made a statement in both houses on the border situation in Ladakh with China. There are a couple of things that need to be made absolutely crystal clear

Indian Govt’s position at the beginning of this was status quo ante in April 2020. That’s what Govt was negotiating for. Now, sheepishly, Defence Minister makes a statement & we find that Indian troops are going to be stationed at finger 3

Finger 4 is our territory, that’s where our post used to be. We have now moved from Finger 4 to Finger 3. Why has PM Modi given up Indian territory to Chinese? This is the question that needs to be answered by him & the Defence Minister

Second, why have Indian troops, after the hard work that they did, capturing Kailash ranges, why have they been asked to move back? What has India got in return for this?

Most importantly, why have Chinese not moved back from more important strategic area- Depsang plains? These are real questions. Why have they not withdrawn from Gogra-Hot Springs? Prime Minister of India has given Indian territory to China

Now the PM has given back the land, status quo ante is irrelevant, Kailash (Ranges) has been given back and nothing has happened in the key area that China wants- Depsang Plains. This is 100% cowardice

The Prime Minister cannot stand up to the Chinese. He’s spitting on the sacrifice of our Army, he’s betraying the sacrifice of our Army and nobody in India or rest of the world should be allowed to do that

It is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to protect territory of this country, the Prime Minister has ceded Indian territory to the Chinese, it is his responsibility to solve that problem

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