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We have prepared a ‘5T plan’ to make sure Delhi is ready to fight Corona : Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi’s 5 T’s to fight COVID-19:
Tracking &

– Arvind Kejriwal

Highlights of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Press Briefing :

  • We have formed a 5-step plan after talking to experts, that’s how we will control #Coronavirus in Delhi. This is a ‘5T plan’.
  • No stone will be left unturned to protect the people of Delhi.
  • 1st T – Testing We will aggressively test to identify, treat, trace, quarantine and seal, along the lines of South Korea.
  • 2nd T – Tracing As our testing is ramped up we will trace every single contact of positive cases through cellphone triangulation We will keep 24 hour tabs on those in home quarantine to ensure they’re following it. We aim to be a few steps ahead of the virus
  • 3rd T – Treatment As of today, against 525 patients, we have made 2,950 beds available only for COVID-19 However, we have made a very detailed plan for ramping up our capacities upto 30,000 patients, for which we will takeover hotels and banquet halls.
  • 4th T – Teamwork The nature of COVID-19 is such that no government or agency can defeat it in isolation We cannot rest until all states in India are COVID-free for which all govts are working as one team. There is no alternative to teamwork.
  • 5th T – Tracking & Monitoring I will personally track and monitor every single aspect involved in making this plan successful As Chief Minister, I will be responsible for ensuring all variables fall into place and I will be accountable if they don’t.

Pic Credit : @ArvindKejriwal

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