‘We are starting ”Fever Clinics” for those with cough, cold and fever. Those with these symptoms should not go to other hospitals but only to these clinics to be launched in all divisions’

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray’s address to the State today:

  • First, I would like to thank all the Divisional Commissioners, District Collectors, and Officials from Zilla Parishads, Nagarpalikas and Revenue Officials, who are also working very hard in this battle.
  • Yesterday, there was a meeting of the State Cabinet.
  • There are photos where ministers were wearing masks, keeping social distance. This was probably, the first meeting to take place via video conferencing.
  • It has been a month since this started and the first patients was found in Mumbai and Pune.
  • I know you are tired of sitting at home, I know you are facing inconvenience. I would like to apologise for the same, but there is no other option, weapon or medicine except staying at home to stay safe.
  • Ensure a happy environment at home. My request to news and entertainment channels is please show programs which can relieve tension.
  • Sometimes, you must be doing casual eating when at home. I do not want to restrict your diet, but those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, obesity, are above 60 years of age, must take care, are in the high risk group and must take care.
  • Stay at home, and stay healthy. Exercise if you can at home. We will surely win this battle, but the next global war to be fought will be on the economic front, and we need to show our courage and patience even then and have the physical and mental strength for that too.
  • It is not that everything is scary. Like me, even you know through the media about what is happening in the world, about the situation in America, about the financial emergency in Japan, and a fresh lockdown being imposed in Singapore.

But, at the same time, there are reports that all restrictions in Wuhan where it all began have been lifted. Things have gone back to normal. This is a positive development. Restrictions have been removed after 75 to 76 days. It shows how far things can go.

  • One thing is for sure, this too shall pass! It is good to tell people to stay at home, but there are people who are homeless, or are living in small rooms, or do not have ration cards:
  • The Shiv Bhojan scheme is for those who do not have ration cards.
  • I have approved thalis of up to 1 lakh, and we have given approvals to go beyond that.
  • We have around 5.5 to 6 lakh people in relief camps, and separate facilities have been provided for children and women. Medical facilities are also available.

These camps provide meals to them thrice a day, which translates to around 15 lakh meals per day.

  • This covers even those from Maharashtra and outside the state.
  • Here. humanity is the only religion and we are fulfulling our duties accordingly.
  • But, what about those with orange ration cards? Someone asked me why are we not distributing grain if the Centre has given it? The Centre is helping us, but their scheme covers just rice for those in the PDS network. The distribution has started a couple of days ago.
  • This scheme does not cover saffron cards. I called up the Hon’ble PM and also sent a letter saying those with income of 50,000-60,000 to 1 lakh in urban areas and Rs 40,000-44,000 to 1 lakh in rural areas, need to be provided for.
  • I have requested that the grain can be provided at the minimum statutory price. There is pressure on the Centre and also on State Governments, but every citizen is under pressure, and also needs relief from this;

Yesterday, the State Cabinet decided to give 3 kg wheat at ₹8/kg and 2kg rice at ₹12/kg will be provided to orange ration card holders.

  • Though the Centre has its scheme, it covers only those under the National Food Security Act, so do please not misunderstand.
  • So far, the Centre has provided just rice, but we are sure more grain will be provided as per our demand, as this is a collective responsbility. The Centre has been discharging its duties like the State Government. The Centre has been very co-operative with us.
  • We are starting ”Fever Clinics” for those with cough, cold and fever. The locations will be announced soon. Those with these symptoms should not go to other hospitals but only to these clinics to be launched in all divisions.
  • Here, the patients will be examined will be directed for further treatment. Patients will be categorised into three sections, those with mild, moderate and severe symptoms along with other factors like high BP and kidney ailments.
  • There will be doctors at all three places, but the third facility will have experts to deal with allied ailments like those of the kidney.
  • This is because, if a COVID patient goes to a normal hospital, it affect the entire facility. We are taking care to prevent person-to-person transmission.

I am making a special appeal to retired military men who have served in the medical corps, retired nurses and ward boys, and those who have completed training as nurses and ward boys but have not been placed in hospitals.

  • My request to those from these categories who have the drive and want to work with us is, Maharashtra needs you, so please join us.
  • Please note this special mail id, but this id is only for those who are trained and want to serve in the medical sector: Covidyoddha@gmail.com.
  • Give your name and contact address. But, do not swamp this id with instructions.
  • Numbers are increasing, but we must understand the reasons. This is because we have launched door-to-door surveys, we do not wait for patients to come. We have increased tests in Mumbai and Pune and wherever possible.
  • We are planning to use rapid test kits, but they need to be approved. The same approvals are needed for PPE kits and ventilators. Once the rapid test kits are accredited and available, we will get many of them.
  • The situation is alarming, but not scary. It must be admitted that the numbers are rising, but we want to bring them down to zero.
  • Our efforts are based on your cooperation. There is no one else with us. We are our own warriors, protectors and enemies. Our homes are our fortresses.
  • I am sure that you will continue to cooperate with me like before and we will prevail over this situation. Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!

Pic Credit : @CMOMaharashtra

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