We are now empowering the ordinary users of social media. ‘Significant’ social media intermediaries need to adhere to the new guidelines: RS Prasad

Ravi Shankar Prasad – Union Minister for Communications, Electronics & IT:

It is very important that crores of social media users should be given a proper forum for resolution of their grievances in a time bound manner against the abuse and misuse of social media. We are now empowering the ordinary users of social media.

Over the years concerns are being raised about the rampant abuse of the social media platforms.

Even the news channels have a fact-checking mechanisms which confirms the rampant spread of fake news.

Supreme Court also directed us to frame necessary guidelines to eliminate child pornography, gang rape images etc.

Even during parliamentary proceedings concerns were raised over hate content, pornography on social media etc for which we have made some new guidelines related to it.

The significant social media intermediaries need to adhere to the new guidelines such as:

1. Appoint a Chief Compliance Officer responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act & Rules.

2. Appoint a Nodal Contact Person

3. Appoint a Resident Grievance Officer

The social media platforms, upon being asked either by a court order or by the govt authority, will be required to disclose the first originator of the mischievous content.

No intermediary shall be required to disclose the content of messages.

All social media intermediaries to establish a grievance redressal mechanism for users.

A grievance officer to respond to a complaint within 24 hrs & resolve within 15 days.

If there are complaints against the dignity of the users particularly women that exposes the private parts of the individuals or sexual acts or is revenge porn then the social media platforms need to remove it.

Prakash Javadekar – Union I&B Minister said:

Print media has Press Council & they follow its ethics code but digital media portals have nothing to follow but now we have changed this as all media platforms must have same justice system & they need to follow the Ethics Code as laid down by the Press Council

OTT platforms need to have self-classification of age related content which is U, 7+ 13+, 16+ and A categories & there has to be a mechanism of parental lock

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