‘This is the future of Food System in Cities..’

Anand Mahindra, @anandmahindra – Chairman Mahindra Group:

  • How do we ensure ‘food security’ for urban areas during a pandemic?
  • Strategic stocks of grains aren’t enough. No variety of nutrition. And disrupted supply chains prevent produce from reaching cities.
  • Cities need a ‘ring’ of organic-hence self contained-farms around them.
  • The @naandi_india foundation led by @manoj_naandi have built a proof-of-concept.
  • The self contained (all inputs, labour, seeds, machines & tools) fully organic #UrbanFarmsCo has been supplying 25 varieties of fresh vegetable even in these trying times.
  • What they’ve created is a self sufficient cluster of organic farms with farmer-entrepreneurs as spokes and #UrbanFarmsCo as the central resource hub.
  • The Model converts local biomass into quality farm inputs, including regenerative soil infused with beneficial microbes.
  • Produce is bought & graded at central collection centres with high hygiene levels. The fresh nutrient dense produce is sold to consumers in Delhi.
  • They’re already at farmer level profitability & on course to cluster profitability.
  • This is the future of Food System in Cities.
  • This Delhi cluster’s supplied 13T of vegetables including 2T during lockdown!
  • ‘Food security’ should in future include such clusters around cities.
  • @Rockefellerfdn has shortlisted @naandi_india for the Global Vision Prize.
  • Full disclosure: I serve as chair of @naandi_india
Pic Credit: @anandmahindra

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