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There’s a growing consciousness to integrate Ayurveda with evidence-based medical science: PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi’s address at Global Ayurveda Festival. Excerpts via BJP India:

It is wonderful to note that many experts are going to share their views and experiences. The number of countries being represented is about 25, which is a great sign. It shows a growing interest towards Ayurveda and traditional forms of medicine.

From this forum, I’d like to appreciate the efforts of all those who’re working on Ayurveda across the world. The passion and persistence will benefit the entire humanity.

Ayurveda takes care of many aspects. Ayurveda could rightly be described as holistic human science. From plants to your plate, from matters of physical strength to mental wellbeing – the impact and influence of Ayurveda and traditional medicine is immense.

The current situation presents a right time for Ayurveda and traditional medicine to become even more popular globally. People are realizing the benefits of Ayurveda and its role in boosting immunity.

India offers you wellness tourism. At the core of wellness tourism is the principle of treat illness for wellness. Its strongest pillar is ayurveda and traditional medicine.

Thanks to ayurveda’s popularity, a strong opportunity awaits us and we must not lose it. Youngsters are using a wide range of ayurveda products. There’s a growing consciousness to integrate ayurveda with evidence-based medical science.

I strongly feel that the ethos of our land and the enterprise spirit of our youth can do wonders. On behalf of the govt, I assure full support to the world of Ayurveda. The National Ayush Mission has been started to promote Ayush medical system through cost-effective services.

The WHO has also announced the setting up of the Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in India. Students from various countries are coming to India to study Ayurveda and traditional medicines. This is the ideal time to think about worldwide wellness.

Let Ayurveda be a driving force which brings the world to our land. May it also bring prosperity to our youth. I wish this conference all success and best wishes to all participants.

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