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‘There are 14.64 cr farmers in India. Of these, the Govt has only identified 8.22 cr farmers so far for the Kisan Samman Nidhi – 6.42 cr farmers have not been identified’

Special Congress Party Briefing by Mr RS Surjewala and Mr Abhay Dube:

  • Neither the farmer nor the farm labourers will benefit from these Jumla announcements of the Finance Minister.
  • Today, farmers and farm workers are frustrated and disappointed.
  • The FM on July 1, 2019 said in the Lok Sabha that loans of ₹6,26,087 crore have been provided to small farmers in the year 2018-19.
  • During the Corona crisis, it is unfair to reduce the loans from ₹6.26 lakh crore to ₹ 4 lakh crore.
  • In May 2014, price of DAP fertiliser was ₹1125 per bag (50 kg), today it has increased to ₹1400 per bag.
  • For the first time, GST was imposed on agriculture.
  • ₹15000 per hectare was taken from farmers and only ₹6000 per year was given to half of the farmers.
  • Central Government has increased the cost price of farming by about ₹15,000 per hectare in the last 5 years.
  • Modi government increased excise duty on diesel from ₹3.56 to ₹31.83. per litre.
  • There are 14.64 crore farmers in India as per 2016 data. Of these, the government has only identified 8.22 crore farmers so far for the Kisan Samman Nidhi. Which means 6.42 crore farmers have not been identified.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other states, wheat is being sold for ₹1400 to ₹1600 per quintal, ₹325 per quintal less than the MSP. By this alone, farmers will face a loss of ₹21,000 crore.
  • Estimated production of wheat for Rabi season 2020-21 is 100 million tonnes. MSP of ₹1925 per quintal will cost ₹1,92,500 crore. Modi government is procuring only 35% wheat on MSP, i.e. 350 lakh tons.
  • One thing is clear that the Modi Govt. neither understands the pain of the farmer nor the problem of farming. Therefore, the farmers have not been extended any help, even worth a single penny.
  • During the Corona epidemic, farmers and labourers are facing the most difficulty. Instead of giving them relief the Modi govt. is hurting the farmers and labourers and instead of providing help, it is pushing the farmer in the debt trap.

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