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The UDF must view the coming assembly elections as a special election, one that will give Kerala a vision forward: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi – Former Congress President:

Shri Rahul Gandhi at Wandoor UDF convention at Thana, Mampad

I recently met senior Kerala leaders in Delhi and I told them that in the coming assembly elections there are a few things that we have to achieve.

I said that the UDF must view this as a special election, one that will give Kerala a vision forward

I recommend that when we build our manifesto, it should be an exercise that includes and involves all the people of Kerala.

It should be a mass manifesto not one built in closed doors. One that captures the imagination of the people of Kerala

We should go to polls saying this is UDF’s commitment to people of Kerala. If we are asking people for their support then we have to show them what we are going to give them.

I also told them that we have to create a balance between experienced and young people

Experienced people represent the present and wisdom and young people represent the future. I said, our candidates must reflect this and these candidates should inspire the people of Kerala

The process of choosing these people should be more transparent and should take into account the hard work done at the Panchayat level and it should reward people from the grassroots

The final thing I said to them is that we are involved in an ideological battle. We have an ideological fight with the Govt in Delhi and an ideological fight with the Govt in Kerala

You know the damage the PM is doing to the fabric of the nation. For the first time, Chinese troops are sitting inside Indian territory.

Our economy, one the best performing in the world, has collapsed. Our youngsters simply cannot get jobs

This is the result of the ideology of the RSS. Of course the PM is incompetent but the real cause of this failure is the hatred that the RSS is spreading throughout the country

You know left front better than me, you face/fight them everyday. You know the damage their policies have done to Kerala.

This election is important as it is an ideological election, one that shows the vision going forward for Kerala, one that transforms Kerala

I am ready to help in whatever way I can. We are a family. I believe in the Congress worker, the Congress grassroot soldiers and the Congress leadership.

I am confident the UDF will sweep the coming election

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