The GoI will give guidelines to the States on how, in a graded manner, the activities should start in their States and districts : Puducherry CM V Narayanasami

Highlights of the Special Congress Party Press Briefing by @VNarayanasami, Chief Minister, Puducherry :

  • PM Modi heard the views of Chief Ministers of various states today. In the PM’s initial remark he talked about how he wanted to get the views of all CMs in the fight against Coronavirus. How to carry forward, to control the virus.

The focal point of the CMs views was that people have lost their livelihood due to complete lockdown. State govts. don’t have sufficient funds because business establishments, industries have been closed, all economic activity is at a standstill.

  • So what is Govt. of India going to do to support state govts. financially. Other than that, the organised, unorganised, migrant, agricultural labour, construction workers, small shop owners, MSMEs, industries, what kind of package is Govt. of India going to give.
  • Especially to MNREGA workers who lost their job, their livelihood, how to help them. Most CMs wanted answers on the main issue of the livelihood of the people.
  • Secondly, how long will industries keep migrant labours if lockdown extends. Industries don’t have capacity to provide them shelter. Also, what provisions are being made for the migrant workers who want to go to their home state?
  • Since state govts. don’t have funds, there should be moratorium because they are not able to pay dues to the Govt. of India therefore, six months it should be extended.
  • Most CMs suggested that the Govt. of India should extend 3% FRBM to 5% and that essential supplies are not coming from various states so there needs to be a fool proof mechanism for the purpose of essential supplies to all states.
  • West Bengal CM said that during this crisis period, the Governors and Lt. Governors are playing politics. They are trying to interfere in the administration of the Govt. and it has become a menace and hence the PM should look into it.
  • Other than that the CMs were worried mainly about the economy of the country and they wanted additional grants from the Govt. of India and similar suggestions like industrial package, support for MSMe etc.
  • So far we have crossed more than 27 days including the previous period where we have been keeping ourselves prepared, so far Puducherry has not received a single paisa from the Govt of India.
  • Every state is in financial stress. With everything at a standstill, income generation for all states is hampered and it has become difficult to sustain and take care of welfare schemes.
  • The Govt. of India will give guidelines to the states on how, in a graded manner, the activities should start in their states and districts. He also said that there should be a district level lockdown, people shouldn’t go from one district to another.
  • PM said that regarding ventilator demand, states need to prepare for supplying oxygen to the hospitals. PM said that hospitals should also treat other patients and not just Coronavirus patients.

The PM mentioned that they are bringing amendment into the APMC Act, given the harvest season, people should be able to purchase produce from the farmers’ doorstep.

  • Most of the CMs suggested that the lockdown be extended to 30th of April, the Govt. of India will take a call on that, but it seems that the PM also agrees that it needs to be extended.

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