The biggest issue the country is facing is the issue of employment: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s address at Sansad Gherao protest. Excerpts:

I want to thank every single worker of the Youth Congress because if there is any organisation in this country which fought the battle during Covid19 times & helped our citizens then it is the Youth Congress.

The biggest issue the country is facing is the issue of employment. The Prime Minister will speak about everything, but he will not utter a single word about employment.

A little girl was raped & murdered. Did you see this anywhere on the media? Their aim is to suppress the voice of India’s youth

The youth of India must understand- like your voices are suppressed, like the voice of the farmers is suppressed, Pegasus is a tool to suppress voices.

Nobody can suppress the voice of India’s youth. It is Youth Congress’ work to strengthen the voice of India’s youth.

The Opposition is holding placards in the Lok Sabha. But you will not see this truth on Lok Sabha TV. On Lok Sabha TV, you will see only BJP MPs & Ministers speaking, you will not be able to see the reality that is unfolding inside the Lok Sabha

The Modi govt is destroying unorganised workers & unorganised sector. They brought Demonetisation, they brought GST to destroy small & medium businesses; to give the money in this sector to ‘hum do, humare do’.

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