The 2000 MW state-of-the-art Pugalur–Thrissur High Voltage Direct Current system is being inaugurated today – the first HVDC inter-connection of Kerala with National Grid: PM Modi

Excerpts of PM’s address at the inauguration and laying of foundation stone of the key projects of power and urban sector in Kerala. via Prime Minister’s Office:

Namaskaram Kerala!

Just a few days ago I was in Kerala to inaugurate key projects of the petroleum sector. Today, thanks to technology, we are connected once again.

We are taking important steps in the development journey of Kerala. The development works starting today are spread across the state. They cover a wide range of sectors. They will power and empower this beautiful state, whose people are making rich contributions to India’s progress.

The two thousand megawatts state-of-the-art Pugalur–Thrissur High Voltage Direct Current system is being inaugurated today.

This is the first HVDC inter-connection of Kerala with National Grid.

Thrissur is an important cultural centre of Kerala. Now it will also be the power center for Kerala.

This system will facilitate transfer of large quantum of power to meet the growing power demand of the State. It is also the first time the VSC converter technology has been introduced in the Country for transmission. It is indeed a moment of pride for all of us.

Internal power generating sources in Kerala are seasonal. This makes the State largely dependent on import of power from the National Grid. This gap had to be bridged.

The HVDC system helps us achieve this. Now there will be access to power with reliability. It is equally important to strengthen Intra-State transmission network for delivery of power to the households and industrial units.

There is one another aspect which makes me happy about this project. The HVDC equipment used in this project have been made in India. This make our Atmanirbhar Bharat movement stronger.

We are not just dedicating a transmission project. We have a project of producing electricity also. It is a pleasure to dedicate yet another clean energy asset of 50 megawatts capacity – the Kasaragod Solar Project.

This will be a step in achieving the green and clean energy dream of our country. India is devoting great importance to solar energy. Our gains in solar energy ensure: A stronger fight against climate change.

A boost to our entrepreneurs. Work is also underway to connect our hardworking farmers with the solar sector – make our annadatas also Urjadatas.

Under PM-Kusum Yojana, over 20 lakh solar power pumps are being given to farmers. In the last six years, India’s solar energy capacity is up 13 times. India has also brought the world together through the International Solar Alliance.

Our cities are engines of growth and power houses of innovation. Our cities are seeing three encouraging trends: Technological development, Favourable demographic dividend Increasing domestic demand.

To further our growth in the sector, we have the Smart cities Mission. The Integrated Command and Control Centres under the Mission are helping cities in better urban planning and management.

I am very happy to share that 54 Command Centre projects have become operational. 30 such projects are at various stages of implementation.

These centres were especially useful during the pandemic days. Of the two Smart Cities in Kerala, Kochi Smart City has already established its Command Centre.

Thiruvananthapuram Smart City is now getting ready for its Control Centre. Under Smart Cities Mission, the two Kerala Smart Cities – Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram have made significant progress. Till date, the two Smart Cities have 27 projects worth Rupees 773 crore that have been completed. Works in 68 projects worth almost Rupees Two thousand crore are in the pipe-line.

The great Malayalam poet Kumaranashan had said: I am not asking your caste Sister, I ask for water, I am thirsty. Development and good governance does not know caste, creed, race, gender, religion or language.

Development is for everyone. This is the essence of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas.

Development is our aim. Development is our religion. I seek the support of the people of Kerala so that we can move forward to realise this shared vision of togetherness and development.

Pic Credit: BJP India

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