Sri Ram Temple construction: Karyakartas contact 10 crore families for contributions

Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra:

Even as the world’s biggest campaign since January 15, 2021 for construction of the grand temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram at Ayodhya completed on February 27, 2021, it unified Bharatvarsh from east to west and north to south.

We have succeeded in achieving our goal of Samarpan in 400,000 villages.

Contact was also made in all the wards of the urban areas.

Although the statistics of the families contacted are yet to come, but it is estimated that we have touched about 100 million families.

Samarpan (contributions) have been received from every quarter. During this drive, many such occasions and episodes also came which moved the minds and hearts of the volunteers.

At many places, even the beggars, daily wagers & small farmers also made their prayerful offerings.

About 900,000 Karyakartas in 175,000 teams contacted people from door-to-door.

The Samarpan amount was deposited in Banks through 38,125 Karyakartas.

The app, created by Dhanusha Infotech, has acted as a digital bridge among the Karyakartas, banks and the trust.

To maintain transparency of the entire campaign, while 49 control rooms were working across the country, 23 qualified karyakartas led by two chartered accountants at the main centre in Delhi, were constantly in touch with the entire network to monitor the accounts

Even if the final figures are yet to come, it can be said, based on the banks’ receipts till March 4, that the Samarpan amount would cross INR 2500 crores. This month, the audit of the campaign in every district of the country would also be completed.

From the North-Eastern region of Bharat,
Arunachal Pradesh have contributed INR 45 million,
Manipur INR 20 million,
Mizoram INR 2.1 million,
Nagaland INR 2.8 million,
Meghalaya INR 8.5 million, & from South,
Tamil Nadu contributed INR 850 million, and
Kerala INR 130 million.

The devotees who missed this Samarpan (contribution) drive, can still make their contributions through our website….

Devotees from outside Bharat are requested to wait a little more. They will be notified upon completion of FCRA formalities.

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