Sometimes it appears that those who have been defeated in the elections, have all come together and are trying to spoil the atmosphere in the country: Prakash Javadekar

Press Conference by Shri Prakash Javdekar at BJP HQ, New Delhi. Excerpts Via BJP India:

The Delhi riots that unfolded yesterday cannot be condemned enough. Everyone who prompted it should be punished. India will not forget the insult of the tricolor. Congress has continuously fuelled these farmers’ protests.

A Congress leader wrote in a tweet yesterday – ‘A peaceful protest is being shown as a violent one’

What happened at Nangloi and other parts of Delhi was non-violent? Over 300 police personnel were injured, several of them in ICU. Was this non-violent?

Congress wants to create a situation of unrest in the country. This is what is left of Congress’ politics. They are worried as to what will happen to the family-based politics? Thus, Congress is trying to fire up every situation of violence.

Delhi Police displayed remarkable restraint yesterday. They were attacked by swords and even stones were thrown, but they did not retaliate. They brought the situation under control with patience.

The Congress is frustrated and disappointed, losing elections, communists are in the same condition. That is why we are looking for a new relationship in West Bengal. The Congress somehow wants to spread unrest in the country.

The popularity and success of BJP and especially Modi ji is continuously increasing. Congress and communists are losing out. The Congress is concerned about the family rule, which people have rejected.

The government has held 10 rounds of discussion, has expressed willingness to shown preparations to defer implementation of the Farm laws for a year and a half.

Called for a point by point discussion to know about the points the farmers are opposed to in the Farm Laws

MSP, Mandi system will continue.

These laws are an attempt to give the farmer a choice. The Congress too understands it, but it does not want to let the compromise happen.

In a way, sometimes it appears that those who have been defeated in the elections, have all come together and trying to spoil the atmosphere in the country.

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