Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi in conversation with Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Rahul Gandhi in conversation with Prof. Muhammad Yunus – Excerpts :

  • Rahul Gandhi : The inequality gap in India is huge & it is visible for all to see. We must do more to ensure we reduce this gap & give every Indian equal rights & equal opportunities
  • Prof Muhammad Yunus : We have to recognise these people (migrant workers). Economics doesn’t recognise them. They call it informal sector. Informal sector means we have nothing to do with them, they are not part of the economy. We’re busy with formal sector.
  • Rahul Gandhi : These micro entrepreneurs, they are the future. That’s where the money is going to be, there is where the growth is going to be. But for some reason the system is not interested in looking at them at all. For the system they don’t exist.
  • Prof Muhammad Yunus : Why can’t we have the economy of the rural area built as a separate parallel economy, autonomous economy. Rather than have an appendix like that today. Technology has given us facilities which never existed before.
  • Rahul Gandhi : With technology there is no reason why disaggregated, decentralized manufacturing can’t take place in a rural environment. However, you would need to restructure the education system & healthcare system completely
  • Prof Muhammad Yunus : Why go back to a world with global warming, wealth concentration, where artificial intelligence is taking away jobs, there’ll be massive unemployment in next few decades. Going back will be suicidal. Covid has given us chance to think new.

  • Rahul Gandhi : The game needs to be equalized for rural people and Corona gives us an opportunity to have a brand-new imagination which comes from within our communities as opposed to from outside.

    You have to trust and believe in people and then build institutions that empower that trust. We just are going to give you the supporting mechanism that is going to allow you to thrive and grow.

    We built a huge institution in Uttar Pradesh, millions of women were empowered and pulled out of poverty. Then I found myself with a government that decided to attack it.
  • Prof Muhammad Yunus : If you’re doing something for the people that they like, nobody can destroy that. There might be a temporary dislocation but it will come back because it works for people. Good ideas are indestructible.
  • Rahul Gandhi : Due to lockdown migrants workers were stranded, had to go back to their villages. We felt it was necessary to give immediate help by providing food & direct cash transfer however govt had a different view. They didn’t feel it was necessary.

In India, there is a clear feeling among people, especially the youth that something has gone very wrong. The difference between the rich and the poor is just astronomical. So there is a sense that something new is required.

  • Prof Muhammad Yunus : Corona has given us a chance to reflect if we go back to the terrible world which is going to destroy itself anyway or we build a new world where there will be no global warming, no wealth concentration, no unemployment
  • Rahul Gandhi : We have the potential to create great things, we have done it before & we can do it again – we must only look within our communities for the answer.

Source : INCIndia

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