Punjab Model’s Women Empowerment Roadmap is not a freebie: Navjot Singh Sidhu – President, Punjab Congress

Punjab Model’s Women Empowerment Roadmap is not a freebie. It’s an investment in future generation, a recognition of homemakers. It aims to make woman equal shareholder in economy, incentivise education, to facilitate entrepreneurship leading to Jittega Punjab by empowering Women

Contribution of women working at home in our nation & society building has never been recognised. Supreme Court stated “Conception that HouseMakers Do Not “Work” Or That They Do Not Add Economic Value To Household Is A Problematic Idea”. Thus Rs 2000 & cylinder for them !

Real development is empowering WOMEN. If you educate a girl, you educate an entire family. Punjab Model aims to incentivise education from school to college for every women. Thus, financial incentives, digit tablet for access to 24/7 education & EV Scooty for free & easy Mobility

Swami Vivekananda said “The best thermometer to progress of a nation is its treatment of its women” Women share our motherland 50/50, yet they only own 1.8% of Punjab’s land. Thus, Punjab Model provides for cost free property transfer for women, with no registration fee for women

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