Today, when humanity is facing a crisis of the corona pandemic, Lord Buddha’s teachings becomes even more relevant : PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at the Ashadha Purnima-Dhamma Chakra Day programme :

Today when humanity is facing the crisis of corona pandemic and therefore, Lord Buddha’s teachings becomes even more relevant to us; India has shown how we can face the biggest challenges only by following the path of Buddha.

We have been told here that where there is knowledge, there is wholeness, that is the full moon.

When the preacher is Buddha himself, it is natural that knowledge becomes synonymous with the welfare of the world.

In Sarnath, Lord Buddha told us the source of the entire life. He told us about sorrow & its reasons.

He assured us that one can win against sorrows, he even told us the way to do so. He gave us eight mantras for life :

  • right view,
  • right resolve,
  • right speech,
  • right conduct,
  • right livelihood,
  • right effort,
  • right mindfulness, and
  • right samadhi 

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