Priyanka Gandhi

Our 5 guarantees, Salary of ₹ 365 for tea plantation workers, 200 units of free electricity each month.. : Priyanka Gandhi in Assam

Priyanka Gandhi – General Secretary – Congress:

Congress General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi addressed a public rally in Tezpur, Assam. Excerpts, via INC India:

Our 5 guarantees:

– CAA will not be implemented when we form Govt

– 200 units of free electricity each month

– ₹ 2000 for women homemakers each month

– Salary of ₹ 365 for tea plantation workers

– 5 lakh govt jobs will be created

When my father Shri Rajiv Gandhi made the Assam Accord, he said that you will preserve your culture and you will not be dictated by the central govt, but BJP has done exactly the opposite in last 5 years

What do you expect? The Prime Minister could not go 4-5 kms away from his house to meet the farmers, despite lakhs of them protesting. Why would he come here to Assam to talk to you

Special status fund has been discontinued. They believe Assam is like an ATM machine for BJP where they get any time money but it does not go to the public

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