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MVA’s actions are totally opposite to their words: Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis – Former CM, Maharashtra :

Height of hypocrisy again!

On one hand our CM in Legislative Assembly said, “We will find Sharjeel Usmani from any corner of the world and nab him anyhow”.

BUT MVA’s actions are totally opposite to their words.

In reality, Sharjeel came again in Pune, countered, slapped a reply to CM, went back!

Just to protect him & help getting bail easily, section 295A of IPC (used for outraging religious sentiments) too got systematically removed from basic complaint, while registering the FIR by State.

So, only section 153A (for promoting enmity between different groups) is invoked in the FIR.

When Sharjeel attempted to wage a war against our Nation during Elgar Parishad, we assumed that all respective sections of IPC including 124a (sedition), 295a will be invoked by the State.

On top of all this, they are being helped by MVA to get bail

Uddhav ji, how many more offenders will you protect for the desperation of power

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