Joined my colleagues, members of media & oil sector officials for lunch cooked on Surya Nutan, an energy efficient, green & pollution-free indoor solar cooking system: Hardeep Puri

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas:

In pursuance to the challenge and inspiration given by Prime Minister in his address to the officials of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas on 25th September 2017 to develop a viable solar solution to power our kitchens, Indian Oil and Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas have developed an indigenous Solar cook top “Surya Nutan”.

Surya Nutan was demonstrated today at the residence of Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing & Urban Affairs Shri Hardeep Puri

Food cooked on Surya Nutan solar cook top was served to the guests.

Salient Features:

  • Surya Nutan is a Stationary, rechargeable, and always kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking.

  • This is a patented product designed and developed by IndianOil R&D Centre, Faridabad.

  • It offers online cooking mode while charging through the Sun which maximizes the system efficiency and ensures high utilization of energy from Sun.

  • It works on a Hybrid Mode (i.e. can work on both solar & auxiliary energy source simultaneously) which makes the Surya Nutan a reliable cooking solution for all weather conditions.

  • Insulation design of Surya Nutan minimizes radiative and conductive heat losses.

  • Surya Nutan is available in three different models: The premium model (Breakfast +Lunch+Dinner) of Surya Nutan can cook all the meals for family of four.

  • Initially, cost of the product is around Rs 12,000 for base model, and Rs. 23,000 for Top Model. However, the cost is expected to reduce substantially with economies of scale.  At a price of Rs. 12,000-14,000/- for Top Model, assuming annual consumption of 6-8 LPG cylinders, this product can pay back the buyer in first 1-2 years itself.

  • Surya Nutan can be used in all weather and seasons including when the Sun is not available for long durations or for continuous days, such as monsoons and extreme winters.

  • All the safety aspects required in any indoor appliances are inbuilt in Surya Nutan.

  • Surya Nutan is a low maintenance system and the product has a long life.

  • Surya Nutan is a modular system and can be designed in different sizes as per the requirement.

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