We are seeing an open-ended investigation for events happened 10 years ago… : Abhishek Singhvi

Abhishek Singhvi – MP, Congress leader:

All law has been thrown to the wind. All sense of decency, democratic values, all sense of balance, and this is reprehensible – we cannot find stronger words to condemn it.

You can try and suppress as much as you like. You’ll receive resilience and a reaction which is completely democratic, which is for the world to see. We’ll continue to expose you.

We believe that these are the actions of a frustrated political regime. we believe that these are the actions of the fact that the opponents, that us, don’t break or bent.

On the contrary, you are underlining your acts and omissions by these diversionary tactics for the whole world to see but we will never relent, whatever the cost. We will never abdicate our responsibility as a responsible opposition.

You’re treating this institution, this party, these leaders as terrorists. It is the worst form of petty politics to divert and then on the contrary you blame us.

As we have said earlier, our voices will not be silenced by these cheap tactics.

Today, you have created a seize mentality – a climate of fear. The entire country watches as investigating agencies are deployed mindlessly against the leadership of India’s oldest political party.

We are seeing an open-ended investigation for events happened 10 years ago, with a seize mentality in the heart of the capital of the world’s largest democracy.

Can we believe it?

India – the proud largest democracy in the world has a seize mentality.

I was astonished to see that people cannot come and go, there are platoons everywhere and for what?

The only sole object of this exercise is Humiliation, Insult, and Intimidation at one level and Diversion, Digression, and Sensationalism at the other.

After 50 hrs of questioning of Rahul Gandhi, after days of questioning the Congress President, more than 200 questions were put together. If the most ingenious and imaginative minds were to ask questions. There can’t be more than 10-12 questions.

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