India is now an imaginary democracy : Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Congress :

  • We understand that agriculture needs to be reformed but if you destroy this system, these millions of people will have nothing to do. They will not be able to feed themselves, you will create massive destruction and pain in the country.
  • The government had said that these laws are for the benefit of the farmer. The country is seeing that the farmer are against these laws and I want to say to the Prime Minister that this farmer will not move back now.
  • All of us along with the opposition parties are with the farmers. The way these laws were passed is also wrong. These laws have been imposed from above without debating, without discussing with the farmers and laborers.
  • You have an incompetent man who is controlled by certain 3-4 other people, all of India needs to understand this. Their aim is to take huge amounts of money from the poor and put it in their pockets.
  • The PM will construct whatever narrative he has to construct to ensure the wealth transfer to the 3-4people continues. He will call people terrorist, anti-nationals, criminals.
  • These laws will have to be removed now. With crores of signatures, we have taken the voice of the farmers to the President.
  • Everyone will face it- farmers, common man, journalists. This is an assault on the idea of India that is why we are here, meeting the President.
  • Arresting and beating are all their ways. There is no democracy in India. India is now an imaginary democracy.

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