I’m not arguing for an end to RSS idea, I am arguing for a conversation : Rahul Gandhi in Kerala

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi at a convention at St. Petres and St. Pauls school auditorium, Meenangadi, Kerala :

It is embedded in new education policy, that you can digitise everything. That human touch is not required. I completely disagree with this. I am 100% sure that teacher-children interaction is central to knowledge for the students.

I was disappointed to see that a new education policy is formulated without any conversation, discussion, without asking the students what they want, the teachers what they think should be in the model education policy. That is tragic.

There is an ideological attack on the institutional structure of India, on our education system; you don’t need any understanding, as long as you are a RSS member you can become the VC, Governor or have whatever role you want.

This is a tragedy. India is only strong- if our institutions are strong, if multiple different types of ideas challenge each other peacefully. I’m not arguing for an end to RSS idea, I am arguing for a conversation.

I am certain if that discussion happens then the Congress value system of taking everyone together, of teaching compassion, love, affection instead of hatred, will triumph in this country

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi earlier inaugurated and handed over the keys of the 12 houses built by INCAS Qatar (OICC) Panamaram, Koolivayal, Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi eats & interacts with the people of Panamaram, Koolivayal, Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi enquiring about the wellbeing of families at Panamaram, Koolivayal, Kerala

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