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If we form a Govt, we will implement NYAY scheme. It’ll be a matter of 5-6 years before we completely eradicate poverty: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi interacts with students at St. Joseph’s Matric Hr. Sec. School, Kanyakumari. Excerpts. via INC India:

The pillars of an education system are students and teachers and they are both equally important.

Any policy that is made without asking teachers and students what they want is not going to be a policy that will benefit education

NEET issue is a big issue here and is stopping a lot of youngsters from achieving their dreams so it is not beneficial

If I come to you and ask – what do you need? What is required? What do the teachers and students require? Then that is humility on my part. Humility solves problems, arrogance creates problems

PM Modi India is 1.3 billion people with different ideas, languages, religions & visions. Why are you convinced that all ideas should come from you? Why don’t you listen to the Indian people? Why don’t you try to understand what people want?

What India now needs is another freedom struggle but it has to be non-violent & affectionate.

There’s a lot of anger & fear that’s been spread in India. That’s what we have to fight & once again make India happy, comfortable, fearless & united

As mentioned, Govt might be giving a lot of freebies but remember something, it might look free to you but when you take it, it’s not free, it will have some other cost somewhere. Only thing is, you didn’t realise what the cost was

Balance is what is powerful. In a country, if you only help the rich people, you will have a problem.
If you only help men, you will have a problem. Balance is very important in life, you will be successful if you create a balance

Last UPA Govt pulled maximum number of people out of poverty, in history. Unfortunately, demonetisation, GST, Corona have put a lot of those people back into poverty.

We have a very good idea on how to make a final assault on poverty in India, through ‘NYAY’

Idea under ‘NYAY’ scheme is to give ₹ 72000 to every single poor Indian family, each year, until they are out of poverty.

If we form a Govt, we will implement this scheme. It’ll be a matter of 5-6 years before we completely eradicate poverty

India has no shortage of money. India’s problem is the way the money is distributed. The ‘NYAY’ scheme will dent the unfair income distribution in India

The richest people in the land can get a bank loan at a much lower rate than the poorest people in the land.

Yes, we need to help the poor understand finance but we also need to understand and accept that the system works against poor people

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