HD Kumaraswamy Farm Laws

I personally feel that farmers should have an open mind towards “experimenting” with the new legislations: HD Kumaraswamy

HD Kumaraswamy – Former CM, Karnataka:

The ongoing farmers’ protest in Delhi outskirts against three farm legislations of the Centre have started attracting the attention of not only the country, but the entire world.

Close on the heels of concern expressed by the Canadian Prime Minister, parliamentarians from the US and Britain too have expressed their concern.

The farmers’ agitations have created an impression that some trouble is brewing in India.

It is my sincere wish that the reputation earned by India at the international level and it’s image should not be dented by the new farm legislations as well as the protests against them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should realise that the reputation and name earned by himself after becoming the Prime Minister may get blemished through such protests. At the same time, farmers too should not suffer any inconvenience.

Instead of the approach of sending an indirect message to protesting farmers through its programmes, the Centre should hold a decisive meeting under the leadership of the Prime Minister to end the farmers’ struggle.

This is inevitable in the interest of protecting the country’s dignity. Of course, I am sure that Mr. Modi will act very cautiously when it comes to the country’s dignity. Let the problem be solved at the earliest.

The remarks of senior Union Minister Rajnath Singh with respect to the new legislations have instilled a new hope. He has appealed to farmers to allow an “experimental” implementation of the new farm legislations.

He has also assured farmers of withdrawing the legislations if they create any problems. I think farmers too should give a thought in this regard.

For quite sometime there has been a strong pubic opinion that Indian agricultural sector is caught in a vicious circle. It is very much necessary on our part to be ready for any experiment if it can bring about welfare of farm sector by rescuing it from the vicious circle.

Hence, I personally feel that farmers should have an open mind towards “experimenting” with the new legislations.

But there has to be proper co-ordination between the Centre and the protesters.

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