‘Hotspot classification based on..’

Congress leader @ShashiTharoor’s Tweet on COVID Hotspots:

  • A bit curious as to why Thiruvananthapuram is listed as a #Covid19 hotspot when it has such a great track record!?
  • Perhaps @MoHFW_INDIA can enlighten us?

Union Health Minister @DrHarshVardhan’s reply:

  • As of today, there are 170 hotspot districts,207 non-hotspot & rest non-infected.
  • Hotspot classification based on:
  • Highest caseload District contributing more than 80% of cases in lndia or
  • Highest caseload District contributing more than 80% cases for each state or
  • Districts with doubling rate less than 4 days

Congress leader @ShashiTharoor’s reply to the Minister:

  • Thanks for the response @drharshvardhan!
  • You & your colleagues are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. Guess this means that it won’t be long before Thiruvananthapuram is off the hotspot list, as Kerala has categorised it in a lower tier than the most affected districts.

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