Gurudev’s vision for Visva Bharati is also the essence of self-reliant India : PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi at the centenary celebrations of Visva Bharati University :

  • It is a proud moment for every Indian as Visva Bharati celebrates 100 years today.
  • Visva Bharati is a true embodiment of Gurudev’s contemplation, vision and hard work. This is a kind of adorable place for India, which gives continuous energy to the country to embody the dream that Gurudev had dreamed of.
  • Our country is spreading the message emanating from Visva Bharati to the whole world.
  • Today, India is leading the world in environmental protection through International Solar Alliance. We are the only big country which is on the right path to achieve the environmental goals of Paris Accord.
  • When we talk of freedom struggle, the ideas of ​​19-20th century comes to mind. But it is a fact that the foundation of these movements was laid long time ago. India’s Independence movement got energy from many movements that were going on since centuries.
  • Bhakti movement filled the struggling India with collective consciousness and confidence for centuries.
  • The need of the hour was to create an ideological movement to win the war of Independence on the establishment of knowledge and at the same time prepare a new generation for the creation of a bright future.
  • The educational institutions gave new energy, gave new direction, gave new height to the ideological movement going on for India’s independence.
  • The stream of contemplation of India from Ved to Vivekananda was vocal in Gurudev’s contemplation of nationalism.
  • Gurudev’s vision was that the world should benefit from what is best in India and that what is good in the world, India should also learn from it. See the name of your university: Visva-Bharati. Coordination with Maa Bharti and Vishwa.
  • Gurudev’s vision for Visva Bharati is also the essence of self-reliant India. Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign is the path of India’s welfare for the world. This campaign is to empower India & to bring prosperity from India to the world.
  • Gurudev said that we should create a system where there is no fear in our mind, our head is held high & our knowledge is free from shackles. Today, the country is trying to fulfill this objective through the National Education Policy.
  • The country is proceeding on a path where every citizen is assured of his or her constitution-given rights; The country’s resources belong to every citizen.

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