Govt must give money in the hands of those dealing with financial crisis in the times of the Corona pandemic : R S Surjewala

Excerpts of the AICC Press Briefing By Congress Leader Randeep Singh Surjewala via video Conferencing :

  • Govt of India instead of healing people by giving them financial support is hurting people of India. One month ago, on 23 March 2020, GoI passed a budget of Rs 30,42,000 crore. It is presumed that budget is the correct accounting of expected revenue and expenditure.
  • In case ever the expected revenue was to fall, the first thing you’ll do is cut down on wasteful expenditure instead of hitting on the income of people of India. Yesterday, Finance Ministry issued a strange and shocking order.
  • GoI, from 1 Jan 2020, proceeded to cut dearness allowance, dearness pay of 113 lakh central govt employees & central govt pensioners. By deducting this for 1.5 yrs, GoI proceeds to deduct almost ₹ 38000 crores from income of these middle class employees & pensioners.
  • Govt of India has not spared our armed forces also, Modi ji has deducted 11,000 crore rupees of 15 lakh serving armed forces personnel and nearly 26 lakh military pensioners.
  • Govt has been constantly hitting at income of Govt employees & middle class people. This is not the first time in the last 30 days that they have done so. In March 2020, Govt proceeded to reduce the interest across the board, of 1-1.5% on all national saving schemes.
  • SBI had reduced its interest rate on savings bank accounts from 3.25% to 3% and on FD’s by 0.5%. Instead of giving any relief to pensioners, armed forces personnel or middle class people, you are deducting their money.
  • Despite the Corona crisis, Modi govt is carrying on with its wasteful expenditure like the Rs 23,000 crore Central Vista project and the Rs 1,10,000 crore bullet train project, nor has the Govt announced a 30% reduction in govt expenditure.
  • We demand that instead of cutting down salaries/allowances of soldiers, pensioners, government employees, Govt cut down on its wasteful expenditure like the Central Vista Project worth Rs 20,000 crore or bullet train project worth Rs 1 lakh 10 thousand crore.
  • We demand that the BJP government immediately stop this misguided policy. Modi Govt must give money in the hands of those dealing with a financial crisis in the times of the Corona pandemic.

Pic Credit : @INCIndia

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