GDP numbers for Q1 of 2021-22 are very revealing.. : P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram – Former Union Finance Minister:

GDP numbers for Q1 of 2021-22 are very revealing

In Q1 of 2021-22, GDP was Rs 32,38,828 crore which is still below the Q1 level of 2019-20 which was Rs 35,66,788 crore

The quarterly output in several key sectors is still below the quarterly output in the same period in the pre-pandemic year, 2019-20

Among the sectors that have not attained the pre-pandemic level are Mining & Quarrying; Manufacturing; Construction; Trade, Hotels & Transport; and Financial & Professional Services

In terms of economic activity, we are still behind in sectors such as Private Consumption, Gross Fixed Capital Formation and Imports

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