Amitabh Kant Electric Vehicles

Battery prices have fallen from $1100/KWH to $139/KWH: Amitabh Kant

Delighted to participate in “Go Electric Campaign”

Disruption is inevitable! Electric is future.

Battery prices have fallen from $1100/KWH to $139/KWH.

These are slated to go below $100/KWH by 2023.

This would be a huge tipping point make upfront prices of EV vehicles cheaper.

India manufactures 2.5 crore vehicles annually. 2-W & 3-W constitute 80% of total sales, making India the largest manufacturer of 2/3 wheelers in world.

These are low-hanging fruits in electrification journey.

Bajaj, TVS, Ather, Okinawa, Kinetic have taken a lead in going electric.

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