An increase in GDP means an increase in gas, diesel and petrol prices: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses Special Press Conference at AICC HQ:

The government has a new concept of GDP.

New concept is, an increase in GDP means an increase in gas, diesel and petrol prices.

Over the last 7 years they have earned Rs.23,000 lakh crores from an increase in diesel, petrol and gas prices.

Every single person is affected by this.

There are two effects;

The direct is when people buy fuel for their scooters, their cars, diesel for their trucks and indirect effect is when the price of diesel-petrol rises, the price of everything rises because transport cost increases.

There is demonetisation where farmers, labourers, small traders, MSMEs, contract workers, salaried class, honest industrialist are hit & on the other side there is dramatic monetisation where PM’s 3-4 big industrialist friends are benefiting

There is a transfer of wealth taking place, from the poor & weak to the PM’s friends. I wanted the young people of this country to think about this. This is about your future, you have to ask the question. Who this money is going to?

We see the finance minister talking about monetisation, where your assets, the assets of this country are basically being given away at cut rate prices again to 3-4 of the Prime Minister’s favorite people.

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