Along with finance, the priority must be given to the real resource of any nation—its people : Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray addressing the State :

  • As the Chief Minister of this Maharashtra, with your blessings, I am not worried about the outcome of this battle when I have tough and courageous comrades like you. I waded into the war knowing we would win.
  • The lockdown is in force till May 3. What after that? Many feel cases have increased despite the lockdown. I would call the lockdown a speed-breaker. The Singapore PM termed it a circuit-breaker which breaks the transmission chain.
  • Cases are increasing in the containment zones which have been sealed. Some have been quarantined at home and in institutional facilities. A significant number of cases are increasing there.
  • I feel that even today, private hospitals, doctors and clinics, must take few steps forward to free people from the fear of Corona or the ‘COVID syndrome’ as I call it. People who get timely treatment can be cured, including infants aged 6 months and elderly aged around 84-85.
  • It is not as if all is over if one has Corona. But timely treatment is needed. We have started fever clinics. I am requesting you, please do not waste time. Report to clinics if you show any symptoms of the disease and go home contently after being cured.
  • People have been cured even after being put on ventilators. But, the important mantra is reporting in-time and not ignoring symptoms of the disease.
  • ‘What after 3rd May?’ We are at home, what do we do? The economic cycle has come to a halt. The economic impact will be massive, unemployment will increase and jobs will be lost.
  • These concerns are partly justified. But, along with finance, the priority must be given to the real resource of any nation—its people. Lives of people must be saved so that we all can extricate the society from this battle.
  • Red, orange and green zones have been created based on the intensity of cases. Red zones are like an active volcano, the orange zone is a dormant volcano and the green zone is a spent volcano, which may not burst again.
  • The red zone includes Mumbai and neighboring areas like Kalyan, Dombivali, Panvel, Pune and surrounding areas, some parts of Nagpur and Sambhajinagar, where numbers are gradually rising daily. At present, it is not in our interests to restart normal activities there.
  • In the orange zone, which includes districts with active cases, we are planning to increase activities, barring in some areas. We are gradually removing restrictions in green zones.
  • Based on the Centre’s permissions, those who want to leave for other states will be allowed to do so, only with due discipline and precautions and after speaking to those States.
  • Similarly, even those wanting to return to Maharashtra will be allowed. States are in touch with each other for this transfer of people. Transportation facilities will be provided for those wanting to leave.
  • Even within Maharashtra, people who had gone to their hometowns, or were out of station for tourism or work, were stuck within the state after the lockdown was imposed. They will be allowed to travel, but this will be done only gradually.
  • All of them will not be allowed to travel at once. Local district collectors will be consulted and priorities will be decided before arranging for their transportation back home.

Pic Credit & Source : @CMOMaharashtra

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