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24 COVID19 vaccine candidates in the world are under clinical evaluation – undergoing human trials, 3 vaccines are in Phase-3 clinical trials : Health Ministry

Media Briefing by Health Ministry on Coronavirus situation in the Country :

  • More than 10 lakh patients in Indian have recovered from COVID19 so far, this is not just a big piece of good news but a big achievement as well It shows how our public health system worked together and saved more than 10 lakh lives
  • The landmark recovery of more than 1 million COVID19 recoveries has been achieved due to the selfless work, dedication and commitment to duty, of our frontline health care workers, it is a time for us to stand up and applaud.
  • COVID19 Recovery Rate is continuously rising From less than 8% in April, it is now more than 64%, informs Health Secretary.
  • 16 states report a COVID19 recovery rate which is higher than the national rate.
  • There is a continuous decrease in proportion of active COVID19 cases and a progressive increase in proportion of recovered cases.
  • The COVID19 case load of India is 5.28 lakh, more than 10.2 lakh have recovered No. of recovered cases is 1.9 times more than that of active cases.
  • India’s COVID19 case fatality rate at 2.21% is amongst the lowest in the world, except Russia, most developed western countries have a fatality rate which is 5-7 times higher than that of India.
  • Based on 7-day rolling averages, 21 states and UTs have a COVID19 positivity rate which is less than 10% We are engaging with other states to help them change their testing strategy and reduce positivity rate.
  • Herd Immunity is a kind of indirect protection from an infectious disease like COVID19; it happens only when a population becomes immune, either through vaccination or previous infection.
  • Is developing HerdImmunity via previous COVID19 infection a strategic option/choice for India? No, it is not, in a country like India, with a population of roughly 138 crores, it can only be an outcome, at a very high cost.

HerdImmunity can never be a strategic option, it can be achieved through immunization, in future. It is far, hence we need to sustain COVID19-appropriate behaviours

Ministy of Health
  • 24 COVID19 vaccine candidates in the world are under clinical evaluation – undergoing human trials, 141 vaccine candidates in pre-clinical evaluation stage – either in research / animal studies stage, 3 COVID19 vaccines are in Phase-3 clinical trials.

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