Khadi to get Trendier with 60 New Designs;

Ministry of MSME:

The essence of Khadi’s simplicity, purity and sustainability was reflected through the Khadi fashion show organized by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) at Hotel Ashok in New Delhi last evening. The fashion show, curated by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) led by ace designer and KVIC Advisor Shri Sunil Sethi, showcased 60 designs by 10 budding fashion designers, who were selected through an All-India Khadi Designers Competition organized by KVIC. Top 3 designers were also awarded on this occasion.

Designer Swatti Kapoor received the 1st prize with a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh for her creation depicting Khadi as the most ethical and sustainable clothing. The collection was inspired by the 19th Century poem titled “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. She used fine Khadi Muslin fabric in plain and self check with block printing, hand crochet and hand embroidery and other kinds of fabric manipulation.

Designer Dhruv Singh was declared the 2nd runner up with a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh. His collection named ‘Anaarbagh’ is inspired by a painting of Krishna dancing in a full moon night with his devotees/lovers, in the month of Kartik. The idea was to give Khadi a bit of a festive look by creating ensembles which gives the feel of couture with comfort and ease to the body. He used plain Khadi cotton fabric and all the ensembles are completely hand embroidered by our karigars from Bengal and Gujarat, using 6 strings of hand twisted pure zari.

Two designers namely, Kaushal Singh and Gaurav Singh bagged the 3rd prize of Rs 2 lakh each. Kaushal used plain weave Khadi and Blue Khadi Denim. The print artwork was created by fine artists, translated into a screen and further printed on the fabric. Designer Gaurav also used Khadi cotton fabric using zero waste design technique and contrast stitch line details.

The All-India Khadi Designers Competition was organized to introduce new design interventions and add a trendy twist to Khadi. The KVIC received 393 nominations from young fashion designers from across the country. A screening committee comprising Fashion Designers, experts from design institutes and top functionaries of KVIC was constituted to shortlist 10 best designers. The top 3 designers were selected during the show by the jury.

Chairman KVIC, Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena said the creations of these contestants will soon be made available at Khadi India outlets as designer wear. The idea is to attract younger generations towards Khadi with clothing that is comfortable, easy to wear and trendy.

In a historic step, Ministry of Civil Aviation, in conjunction with 8 ministries has released the roadmap of the much anticipated Krishi UDAN 2.0 scheme: Jyotiraditya Scindia

Jyotiraditya Scindia – Union Minister:

A new dawn for our Annadatas as India moves from A2A i.e. Aviation to Agriculture!

In a historic step, Ministry of Civil Aviation, in conjunction with 8 ministries has released the roadmap of the much anticipated Krishi UDAN 2.0 scheme.

The scheme aims to channelise the immense potential of Indian agriculture with the logistical help of civil aviation towards the goal of doubling farmers’ income and making them Atmanirbhar

The comprehensive policy programme will also help alleviate wastage of farm produce, increase value of farm produce and link them to global markets, thereby making Indian agriculture more sustainable and profitable.

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It is a big step that the Supreme Court has said that they will look into the Pegasus spyware matter: Rahul Gandhi

Special Press Briefing by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi at the AICC HQ on Pegasus spyware:

In the last parliament session, we had raised this issue of Pegasus because we felt that it was an attack on the democratic structure & foundations of our nation. And, we had jointly blocked the parliament.

Today, the Supreme Court has given its opinion and basically supported what we were saying.

We were asking three basic questions:

1. Who authorised Pegasus – which agency, which person authorised Pegasus? As we all know Pegasus cannot be bought by a private individual, it has to be bought by a govt, it is a weapon.

2. Who were the victims of Pegasus- who was it used against? Because there is a list of people including Opposition leaders, BJP members, Supreme Court justices-the CJI; who were being attacked.

3. Did any other country have access to information of our people? Were they privy? Did they have access to our data?

For these three basic questions, we did not get any answers. Infact, no reply was given to us.

Pegasus is an attempt to crush Indian democracy. It is an attempt to make sure- the vibrancy of our democracy, the conversations that take place in our democracy are crushed and people are controlled.

It is a big step that the Supreme Court has said that they will look into the Pegasus spyware matter. I am confident that we will get the truth out of this.

There are many different ways in which the idea of India is being attacked. Pegasus is of course a particularly nasty & subversive way of doing it.

Pegasus is a way to control the politics of the country- a way to control people, to blackmail them, to not allow the democratic process to work. We are quite happy that the Supreme Court has accepted to look into this.

We will raise the issue in Parliament again. I’m sure that the BJP will not like the debate and will make sure it is stalled. But we will make sure the debate is held & tell our people that the idea of India is being attacked.

Pegasus Snoopgate is a deeper problem. It is one thing to use Pegasus to find out about terrorism & national security, but if Prime Minister is using this as a personal tool & the data is arriving on the PM’s desk, then that’s fully criminal.

Pegasus Snoopgate is an issue where the GoI is attacking the national security of the country. Our data, India’s data, data related to eminent people being handed to a foreign country is an attack on the national security of the country.

If it is true that the data of our CEC, Opposition leaders, our CMs is held outside of India, the Govt of India has attacked India itself.

The truth is- using Pegasus is an illegal action. Only two people could’ve taken this action. No other minister but the Prime Minister or the Home Minister have authorised this. And it is very difficult for the Govt to answer these questions.

A majestic tourism site is being developed at Chumi Gyatse, a collection of 108 waterfalls near the Tibet border : Pema Khandu

Pema Khandu, Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh :

A majestic tourism site is being developed at Chumi Gyatse, a collection of 108 waterfalls near the Tibet border. Visited the revered and holy Buddhist site during my tour to remote border areas.

A tourist cafeteria and 50kw hydel dedicated to Indian Army is soon to come up.

A pleasant 1 hour trek to Chumi Gyatse Falls, a holy pilgrimage site of Buddhists near Tibet border.

The origin of holy 108 waterfalls of Chumi Gyatse is attributed to “a show of power” by Guru Padmasambhava.

The trek takes you through beautiful landscape of Tsachu Chu river.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Breakthrough all barriers and feel that you are blessed, this is the one and only step you have to take. The rest will all happen :