Delighted to visit LPU university.. : Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant – CEO, NITI Aayog:


Olympic Gold medalist, Neeraj Chopra, Indian Hockey Captain Manpreet Singh, Bronze medalist Bajrang Punia & 10 players of our hockey team – all products of one university – the LPU university in Jullundur.

Delighted to visit its campus & see its remarkable focus on Sports.

LPU is an incredible university not merely because of its focus on sports but on account of brilliant academic performance.

It has 35,000 students with highest citation index amongst all universities in India & Centers of Excellence for Google, Oracle, SAP & Texas Instruments.


Your data crunching won’t condone your govt’s crimes against farmers in Haryana: Capt Amarinder Singh to Haryana CM

Capt Amarinder Singh – Chief Minister, Punjab:

Your attempt to cover up the atrocities against peaceful farmers with your tall pro-farmer claims is pathetic ML Khattar. Your data crunching won’t condone your govt’s crimes against farmers in Haryana.

You’ve no shame ML Khattar. Instead of apologizing for unprovoked & unjustified attack on farmers, you’re brazenly defending police action & are trying to vindicate Karnal SDM’s shocking instructions to Haryana cops, which the world saw & condemned.

If your govt has done so much for farmers as you claim ML Khattar then why’re your own farmers angry with you & your BJP? You failed to convince people that Punjab & its farmers were responsible for Farmers Protest, so are now resorting to lies & false claims.

Your BJP colluded with Akali Dal for 10 years to ruin Punjab’s economy. Yet, we’ve waived off Rs. 4624.38 Cr debt of 564143 Small & Marginal farmers & sanctioned Rs. 590 Cr for 2.85 lac landless farmers & labourers. So stop talking nonsense

You don’t give single paisa to Haryana farmers in power subsidy ML Khattar. In Punjab, we give Rs. 8218.16 Crore (about Rs. 60,000 per pump) every year for Agriculture pump-sets of farmers. As for MSP, we lead in procurement of wheat & paddy, so where’s the comparison?

Besides procurement on MSP we gave additional Rs 1100 cr in Kharif & Rs 900 cr in Rabi seasons to manage seamless operations because of your BJP led GoI & FCI shoddy management. You mess up things & we have to pay for it

We’ve given crores to Cotton & Maize growers in Punjab in last 3 years to promote alternative crops. We also give Rs. 4.00 per unit of electricity to farmers who save electricity by adopting water conservation techniques & sowing alternative crops.

We don’t need to pay interest because we pay farmers directly into their accounts within 72 hours. It is your govt’s poor management of the procurement process & your apathetic attitude towards the farmers which causes the payment delay in the first place

What’s this Rs 1000/acre for stubble management that you’re tom-tomming about? We give Rs 2500 per acre, which amounted to Rs 19.93 crore in FY20, given that 31231 farmers were benefitted.

Check facts before shooting off ML Khattar. We’ve not matched but exceeded Haryana’s sugarcane MSP & are at top of states’ table with @ Rs. 360/quintal cane SAP for crushing season 2021-22. We’d have hiked it even more had your BJP left us with some money.

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Haryana CM ML Khattar to Punjab CM:

30 August 2021

Dear Capt Amarinder ji,

1. Haryana procures 10 crops at MSP – paddy, wheat, mustard, bajra, gram, moong, maize, ground nut, sun flower, cotton and makes the MSP payment directly into the account of the farmer. How many crops does Punjab buy from the farmer at MSP?

2. Haryana provides an incentive of Rs 7000/- per acre to every farmer who wants to move away from paddy cultivation. What is the incentive that Punjab provides to the farmer similarly?

3. Haryana pays interest at 12% to the farmer in case payment is delayed beyond 72 hours from the approval if the I-form. Does Punjab pay interest on delayed payment?

4. Haryana pays an incentive of Rs 5000 per acre to the farmer who adopts direct seeding of rice technology. What incentive does Punjab give?

5. Haryana pays every farmer Rs 1000 per acre for stubble management and provides linkages for sale of paddy straw. What incentive does Punjab provide to the farmer?

6.Haryana has been paying the highest MSP in the country for sugarcane to its farmers for the last 7 years. Why has Punjab felt the need to match Haryana only after an agitation by farmers?

7. Haryana supports farmers growing horticultural produce by instituting the Bhawantar Bharpayee Yojana to insulate the farmer from price variations below cost. What incentive does Punjab provide to its horticulture farmers?

8.Haryana has started a micro-irrigation scheme to support farmers with 85% subsidy to manage precious water for irrigation. What incentive does Punjab provide, and is it even concerned about the rapidly depleting water table that will finish the farmer?

Who is anti-farmer, Capt Amarinder ji? Punjab or Haryana?

GDP numbers for Q1 of 2021-22 are very revealing.. : P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram – Former Union Finance Minister:

GDP numbers for Q1 of 2021-22 are very revealing

In Q1 of 2021-22, GDP was Rs 32,38,828 crore which is still below the Q1 level of 2019-20 which was Rs 35,66,788 crore

The quarterly output in several key sectors is still below the quarterly output in the same period in the pre-pandemic year, 2019-20

Among the sectors that have not attained the pre-pandemic level are Mining & Quarrying; Manufacturing; Construction; Trade, Hotels & Transport; and Financial & Professional Services

In terms of economic activity, we are still behind in sectors such as Private Consumption, Gross Fixed Capital Formation and Imports

I humbly request all affluent families of Assam to voluntarily give up their ration cards; Himanta Biswa

Ration Cards are meant exclusively for the economically-weaker sections of the society.

I humbly request all affluent families of Assam to voluntarily give up their ration cards so that the benefits can reach those who genuinely need them.

Spoke to Assam CM Himanta Biswa and took stock of the flood situation in parts of the state: PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi:

Spoke to Assam CM Shri Himanta Biswa and took stock of the flood situation in parts of the state.

Assured all possible support from the Centre to help mitigate the situation.

I pray for the safety and well-being of those living in the affected areas.

Himanta Biswa Sarma – Chief Minister, Assam:

Adarniya Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi ji telephoned today to enquire about flood situation & assured all help to Assam to combat this menace.

Current flood has gravely impacted livelihoods of people.

My gratitude to Adarniya Modi Ji for standing with us at this hour of crisis.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Faith is giving the Divine a chance to act :

4 medals in just one morning with a Gold : Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis, Former CM, Maharahstra :

Spectacular Sports by our champs at the Paralympics !

4 medals in just one morning with a Gold.

Avani Lekhara’s gold

Yogesh Kathuniya’s silver

Devendra Jhajharia’s silver

Sundar Gurjar’s bronze

Salute to you all heroes!

Sri Sri at Sunrise

A devotee is not there even for wisdom. He is simply is in love. He has fallen in deep love with the Master with the infinite, with God. He doesn’t care whether he gets enlightened or not :

Looking forward to inaugurating Agri Hub at Prof Jayashankar Agri university: KTR

KTR – Minister – Telangana Govt. :

Agriculture is the most healthful, useful & most noble employment of man – George Washington

Agriculture & innovation will lead to sustainable economic growth.

Looking forward to inaugurating Agri Hub at Prof Jayashankar Agri university along with Minister Singi Reddy Garu

Visited South Asia’s largest Energy Storage System: Satyendar Jain

Satyendar Jain – Minister, Delhi Govt. :

Visited 10MW Battery Energy Storage System at Rohini today.

This system is made by Tata Power and is South Asia’s largest Energy Storage System.

This will be used in grid stabilization and load management across Delhi and will also make use of renewable energy sources.

Big day for sports in India: Rahul Gandhi

Big day for sports in India – Vinod Kumar wins Bronze in Men’s Discus Throw F52 setting a new Asian record.


The whole country joins you in celebrating this achievement.

rahul gandhi – former congress president

Namma Metro’s Purple line extended upto Kengeri today; two metro extentions being dedicated to the city within 8 months: Tejasvi Surya

Tejasvi Surya – National President BJYM:

Namma Metro’s Purple line is extended upto Kengeri by Union Minister for Urban Development Sri Hardeep Puri & CM Sri BS Bommai today

It covers 7.5 km length, has 6 stops at Jnanabharathi, Nayandahalli, Pattengere, RR Nagar, Kengeri Bus Terminal & Kengeri

75,000 commuters to be benefited daily

Under the leadership of PM Sri Narendra Modi, CM Sri BS Bommai & Fmr CM Sri BS Yediyurappa, public transportation in Bengaluru has witnessed massive growth with two metro extentions being dedicated to the city within 8 months, development takes precedence in our double engine BJP govt