Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Customized Crash Course programme for Covid 19 Frontline workers’ today, about one lakh frontline workers will be trained under this initiative

Prime Minister’s Office:

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched ‘Customized Crash Course programme for Covid 19 Frontline workers’ today via video conferencing.

The training programme would be conducted in 111 training centres spread over 26 states. About one lakh frontline workers will be trained in this initiative. The Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, and many other Union Ministers, Ministers from States, experts and other stakeholders were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the event, the Prime Minister said that this launch is an important next step in the fight against Corona. The Prime Minister cautioned that the virus is present and possibility of mutation is also  there.

The second wave of the pandemic illustrated the kind of challenges that the virus may present to us. The Country needs to stay prepared to meet the challenges and training more than one lakh frontline warriors is a step in that direction, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister reminded us that the pandemic has tested the strength of every country, institution, society, family and person of the world. At the same time, this alerted us to expand our capabilities as science, government, society, institution or individuals.

India took up this challenge and status of PPE kits, testing and other medical infrastructure related to covid care and treatment bears testimony to the efforts. Shri Modi pointed out that far-flung hospitals are being provided with ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

More than 1500 oxygen plants are being established at war footing. Amidst all these efforts, skilled manpower is critical. For this and to support the current force of corona warriors one lakh youth is being trained. This training should be over in two-three months, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister informed that the top experts of the country have designed these six courses, launched today, as per demands of the states and union territories . The training will be imparted to Covid warriors in six customised job roles namely Home Care Support, Basic Care Support, Advanced Care Support, Emergency Care Support, Sample Collection Support, and Medical Equipment Support.

This will include fresh skilling as well as upskilling of those who have some training in this type of work. This campaign will give fresh energy to the health sector frontline force and will also provide job opportunities to our youth.

The Prime Minister said that the Corona period has proved how important the mantra of skill, re-skill and up-skill. The Prime Minister said the Skill India Mission was started separately for the first time in the country, a Skill Development Ministry was created and the Prime Minister’s Skill Development Centers were opened across the country.

Today Skill India Mission is helping millions of this country’s youth every year in providing training according to the needs of the day. Since last year the Ministry of Skill Development has trained lakhs of health workers across the country, even amidst the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said given the size of our population, it is necessary to keep increasing the number of doctors, nurses and paramedics in the health sector.

Work has been done with a focused approach over the last 7 years to start new AIIMS, new medical colleges and new nursing colleges. Similarly, reforms are being encouraged in medical education and related institutions. The seriousness and the pace at which the work on preparing the health professionals is going on now is unprecedented.

The Prime Minister said that health professionals like ASHA workers, ANM, Anganwadi and health workers deployed in the dispensaries in the villages are one of the strong pillars of our health sector and are often left out of the discussion.

They are playing an important role in preventing infection to support the world’s largest vaccination campaign. The Prime Minister lauded these health workers for their work during all the adversities for the safety of each and every countryman. He said their role is huge in preventing the spread of infection in villages in remote areas and in hilly and tribal areas.

The Prime Minister said many guidelines have been issued related to the campaign which is to start from 21st June.

People below 45 years of age will get the same treatment for vaccination as for people above 45 years of age from June 21st.

The Union Government is committed to give free vaccines to every citizen while following corona protocol.

The Prime Minister wished the trainees and said he believed that their new skills will be used in saving the lives of the countrymen.

Pic Credit: BJP India

The Mekedatu Dam project which is against the interests of farmers in Tamil Nadu should be abandoned: MK Stalin

While the case on the Mekedatu Dam is pending in the Supreme Court, for the Karnataka CM Shri BS Yediyurappa to make an unilateral announcement that the dam will be built after receiving the Union Govt’s approval will not do good to the cordial relations between our two-states

The Union Government should not allow the construction of the dam.

This project which is against the interests of farmers in Tamil Nadu should be abandoned.

MK STalin – CM, Tamil Nadu

There is no instance of Karnataka protecting its farmers by betraying Tamil Nadu farmers. The Cauvery issue has to be resolved through the spirit of brotherhood: HD Kumaraswamy

HD Kumaraswamy – Former CM, Karnataka:

The measure of Tamil Nadu government with respect to Mekedatu reservoir as well as Cauvery river is detrimental to the interests of Karnataka. Unfortunately the BJP government in the state, which is supposed to look into such issues, has been debilitated by internal squabbling.

When the trouble-hit BJP has become so weak that it is finding it difficult to run the government, can any one expect commitment from it towards protection of the “Land, Water and Language” that form the core elements of the state?

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, who recently met PM Narendra Modi, has appealed to him not to give permission to Karnataka to go ahead with the construction of Mekedatu reservoir.

He has also appealed to the Prime Minister to take measures to get Tamil Nadu’s share of water released from Karnataka for this year. But the ruling BJP, which is supposed to react immediately to such issues, has forgotten its responsibility.

Both the national parties had failed to formulate the Mekedatu Reservoir Project in Karnataka. My government displayed the courage to make it a reality. But it is becoming impossible for the ruling BJP to retain the project.

Such an important project is gripped by uncertainty though the BJP is in power both at the State and the Centre. This has proved wrong the BJP’s promise of creating a heaven by using the advantage of being in power at both the state and the Centre.

People of Karnataka have to take note of the fact that Tamil Nadu is being ruled by a regional party. Tamil Nadu is strong in terms of regional pride. Unlike its neighbouring state, Karnataka is in the grip of national parties. ..

But despite being in power, the national party has not been able to protect Karnataka’s pride and regional identity. This has clearly demonstrated that only regional parties can protect the state’s interests.

Stalin had said that he would make efforts to ensure that all the languages that have been recognized under the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution would get official language status. I want to make it clear that I will also join hands with him in such an effort.

There is no benefit for both the states, which should be like brothers, to indulge in friction over the Cauvery river water sharing issue.

The present government at the Centre is behaving in a very aggressive manner with respect to the southern states, their languages and the culture. In such a situation, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu should not toe the path of disunity over the issue of Cauvery.

Stalin should understand that it is the time for both the states to remain united for the protection of our pride.

Let Tamil Nadu government allow the implementation of Mekedatu reservoir project. It has already been clearly explained that Mekedatu project will not harm the interests of Tamil Nadu. The intention of Mekedatu project is not irrigation, but taking care of only drinking water .. requirements. Stalin should realise this and co-operate with Karnataka with respect to the construction of reservoir.

In the last three to four years, Karnataka has released water in excess of the prescribed limit to TN. We have released more water when nature has co-operated.

In fact, Karnataka has not betrayed TN even during drought. Therefore, let brother Stalin not have any doubts or concerns over TN’s share of water.

There is no instance of Karnataka protecting its farmers by betraying Tamil Nadu farmers. All farmers whether they are in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka are the same. They are children of the Mother Earth. They are our brothers.

Now, let both of us — politicians — too become brothers with respect to the Cauvery issue. If Stalin takes a step ahead with the spirit of brotherhood, I am ready to walk two steps.

Let us put an end to the fight between the two states over Cauvery. Being southern Indians, we must realise that there is no need for us to fight among ourselves. The Cauvery issue has to be resolved through the spirit of brotherhood.

By taking such a novel measure, we must also display unity. Let such an effort begin during the regime of Stalin. Such an effort will have my full backing. The need of the hour is to protect the spirit of brotherhood between both the states.

Climate change to increase sea level in Lakshadweep Islands, will affect airport & residential areas: Study

Ministry of Science & Technology:

Sea-level will rise around the Lakshadweep Islands in the range between 0.4 mm/year to 0.9 mm/year, says a study conducted projecting different greenhouse gas scenarios.

The study highlights that the worst possible inundation scenarios projected for Lakshadweep Islands are almost similar under different emission scenarios projected and all the islands in the archipelago would be vulnerable to impact from sea-level rise.

One of the major threats in the coming years is rising sea level and its significant impact on small islands and this is for the first time, that climate model projections were used to assess the potential areas of inundation over the archipelago of Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea.

A team of scientists including Aysha Jennath, Athira Krishnan, Saikat Kumar Paul, Prasad K. Bhaskaran jointly from the Department of Architecture & Regional Planning and Department of Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur, with support from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India under the Climate Change Programme (CCP), studied the Climate projections of sea level rise and associated coastal inundation in atoll islands, a ring-shaped coral reef or island.

The study estimated that smaller islands Chetlat and Amini are expected to have major land-loss. Projection mapping indicated that about 60%-70% of existing shoreline would experience land-loss in Amini and about 70%-80% in Chetlat.

The present work highlights that, larger islands Minicoy and the capital Kavaratti are also vulnerable to sea-level rise, and expected to experience land-loss along 60% of the existing shoreline.

Sea-level rise effects are seen to have the least impact on Androth Island under all emission scenarios.

The research that was published in the journal ‘Regional Studies in Marine Science, Elsevier recently showed that the coastal inundation could have wide socio-economic impact.

According to the team, projected inundation due to sea-level rise can impact the islanders as residential areas are quite close to the present coastline.

Also, the only airport in the archipelago is located at the southern tip of Agatti Island, and has a high likelihood of damage due to inundation from sea-level rise.

The authors have suggested that keeping in view the impacts from projected sea-level rise for Lakshadweep, it is necessary to have appropriate coastal protection measures and best-practices to formulate planning guidelines.

This study also opens up a new outlook and dimension on future research to assess the directional nature of wave energy, impact of storminess in the Arabian Sea region, islands that are exposed and sheltered and amenities such as potable water, sanitation and so on.

This noteworthy study has practical value and can be immensely useful to policy makers and decision making authorities for both short and long-term planning that benefit the population in Lakshadweep Islands.

Weekly Positivity Rate remains below 5%, currently at 3.80%. Daily positivity rate at 3.24%

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare:

India’s Active Caseload declines to 7,98,656; less than 8 lakh after 73 days

India reports 62,480 new cases in last 24 hours

2,85,80,647 Total Recoveries across the country so far

88,977 patients recovered during last 24 hours

Daily recoveries continue to outnumber the Daily New Cases for the 36th consecutive day

Recovery Rate increases to 96.03%

Weekly Positivity Rate remains below 5%, currently at 3.80%

Daily positivity rate at 3.24%, less than 5% for 11 consecutive days

Testing capacity substantially ramped up – 38.71 cr tests total conducted

26.89 Cr. Vaccine Doses administered so far under Nationwide Vaccination Drive

Our Cabinet has decided to seek US $210 million loan to construct canal based water-supply projects for Amritsar and Ludhiana: Capt Amarinder Singh

Our Cabinet has decided to seek US $210 million loan from World Bank/ Asian Infrastructure Investment bank to construct canal based water-supply projects for Amritsar and Ludhiana.

The total cost of these projects will be US $300 million and these will be executed in 3 years.

Capt Amarinder Singh – Chief Minister, Punjab

How can jobs be given on compassionate grounds to the well-to-do when not a single job has been given to any suicide victim farmer family: Sukhbir Singh Badal

Under his grand scheme to save his chair, Capt Amarinder Singh has appointed sons of 2 Cong MLAs as Insp & Naib Tehsildar.

We won’t let this injustice be done to meritorious youth.

All such illegal appointments on compassionate grounds will be quashed when SAD-BSP forms govt in 2022.

It’s illegal to give jobs to wards of MLAs in lieu of “sacrifices” made by their grand fathers.

How can jobs be given on compassionate grounds to the well-to-do when not a single job has been given to any suicide victim farmer family.

This is ‘kewal Congress ghar naukari’ scheme.

Sukhbir Singh Badal – President, Akali Dal

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CAG calls on West Bengal Governor

Shri Girish Chandra Murmu Comptroller and Auditor General of India today called on West Bengal Governor Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar at West Bengal Bhawan, Chanakya Puri, Delhi

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Fufillment is returning to the self:
Sri Sri