The Daily Covid19 Positivity rate has reduced and is at 9.07% today

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare:

As part of continued decline in the daily new cases, India has reported lowest Daily New Cases in last 50 days with 1.52 Lakh cases.

The country has recorded less than 2 lakh Daily New Cases for 4 continuous days now.

1,52,734 Daily New Cases were registered in the last 24 hours.

India has been witnessing a continuous fall in the active caseload. The Active Caseload has further decreased; 20,26,092 active cases have been reported today.

A net decline of 88,416 is witnessed in the last 24 hours and active cases are now only 7.22% of the country’s total Positive Cases.

India’s Daily Recoveries continue to outnumber the Daily New Cases for the 18th consecutive day. 2,38,022 recoveries were registered in the last 24 hours.

85,288 more recoveries were reported during the last 24 hours as compared to the daily new cases.

Out of the people infected since beginning of the pandemic 2,56,92,342 people have already recovered from COVID-19 & 2,38,022 patients have recovered in the last 24 hours. This constitutes an overall recovery rate of 91.60%.

A total of 16,83,135 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours in the country and cumulatively India has conducted 34.48 crore tests so far.

While on one side testing has been enhanced across the country, a continued decline in weekly case positivity is noticed. 

Weekly Positivity Rate is currently at 9.04% while the Daily Positivity rate has reduced and is at 9.07% today. It has remained less than 10% for 7consecutive days now.

The cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country has exceeded 21.31 Cr today under the Nationwide Vaccination Drive.

A total of 21,31,54,129 vaccine doses have been administered through 30,28,295 sessions, as per the provisional report till 7 am today.

Cleared the air around Central Vista Project: Hardeep Puri

Cleared the air around Central Vista Project & laid rumours, hearsay & fake narrative about the project to rest during a vibrant interaction with the discerning & knowledgeable members of the media fraternity today.

Heritage, iconic and cultural buildings will remain as they are. None of these buildings will be touched.

Two projects are under implementation, the new Parliament building and Central Vista avenue

Hardeep Singh Puri – Union Minister

Foundation of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir will be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete technique: Shri Ram Teerth

Shri Ram Teerth:

After discussions with experts regarding foundation of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir, it has been decided that foundation work will be done using Roller Compacted Concrete technique.

Total 40-45 layers of concrete will be put in 1,20,000 sq feet area. 4 layers have been completed.

The construction work is continuing unabated.

Debris of around 1,20,000 cubic metres have been extracted & cleared.

It takes 4-5 days to put one layer of RCC. It is expected that the work will finish by October.

All engineers & labourers involved in this work are safe & healthy.

I have written to the Minister of Education summarising numerous suggestions I received from students, parents and teachers regarding the 12th standard CBSE exams: Priyanka Gandhi

I have written to the Minister of Education summarising numerous suggestions I received from students, parents and teachers regarding the 12th standard CBSE exams.

Their voice must be heard.

Priyanka Gandhi – General Secretary, COngress

Dear Ramesh Pokhriyal ji,

Much has been publicly said and debated regarding the holding of the 12. Standard CBSE exams in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have already expressed my views on this issue publicly on multiple forums as have many others.

However, I am writing to you today to put before you the views of students, parents and teachers who have interacted with me on social media platforms so that you may be able to better understand the human, emotional and psychological cost of holding these exams under the circumstances.

These children are the future generation of Indians. They have already coped with immense pressures in the last year of their schooling. For much of the year, their schools remained closed. the normal interactions with friends that children thrive on have been practically absent.

Many contracted COVID-19 themselves and many have lost people they love, family members and friends in this year of tragedy and turmoil.

The second wave has been even more devastating and traumatic than the first. The unimaginable pain we have suffered collectively as a nation in the last few months will probably be imprinted on the individual and collective psyches of our children for the rest of their lives.

How can we expect them to set aside all that they are witnessing and focus on their board exams

How can we, as the guardians of their future, refuse to hear their cries of help and turn away from their request to be heard?

In fact. how can we willingly put them in a situation that is potentially dangerous and life threatening for them?

Have we learnt nothing from events like the Panchayat elections in UP where the government promised that all COVID-19 rules and precautions would be in place only to subject teachers and election officials to crowded spaces where all caution was thrown to the wind?

Over 1600 teachers lost their lives for the very same reason that we are now imposing on students of the 12th standard – because they were given no choice but to show up in a situation that endangered their lives.

Below is a summary of messages from students, parents and teachers who have written to me in the last few days. I request you to please consider them carefully and ensure that our next generation is protected and safe:Students and parents overwhelmingly feel that appearing for exams in crowded examination centers is extremely unsafe. Some have written saying that they have vulnerable relatives at home – aged grandparents or ailing parents. They will be putting them at risk as well.

Many have suggested that as in other countries, internal assessments should be made for the students considering that the second wave of the pandemic has hit so hard at the very time when they were to study and prepare for their exams.

The very real fear and psychological trauma of the raging pandemic coupled with prolonged and intense pressure of the board exams can lead to sever mental health issues like depression, anxiety…

Many students and parents suggested that there should be a comprehensive strategy by which students should be vaccinated fully before sitting for the exams.

It is now too late to do this for this batch of students as they have already lost too much time. However. this could be the basis of plans made for students who might face similar circumstances in 2022.

The Chhattisgarh government has found some interesting and viable solutions to this issue. Some parents suggested that the CBSE board could follow a similar pattern. The exams could be conducted at home as open book exams, exam booklets could be picked up from schools or centers and returned after a set period of a few days.

This would enable students to give the exams in a safe and conducive environment.

Many students wrote to say that they have lost loved ones. some have even lost one or both parents in the last few months. It is cruel and heartless to expect these children not only to study and perform well in the board exams, but even more to to subject themselves to crowded exam centers at which there is no guarantee for their health and safety.

One student made the point that conducting these exams may encourage a third wave. to fact, experts have repeatedly stated that a third wave is imminent. They have also warned that the third wave might be more perilous for children and teenagers.

It is undeniable that children will collect in large numbers in exam centers across India if these exams are to be held. If infected, they will carry the infection back home to their siblings and other family members. Indeed. it is quite possible that the beginnings of another wave might develop from these circumstances.Uncountable children are suffering from trauma, anxiety and depression already.

Many have written to me saying how helpless and bereft they feel. They have been in this state of limbo fits months now, struggling to cope with disease, deaths of people around them and circumstances that would have been unimaginable for any of us just two years ago. It is unfair to prolong this decision any further and to cause them even more stress when it is entirely avoidable.

Some parents have also suggested that if the govenment forces them to endanger their children’s lives. then the Ministry of Education, the CBSE board and all those directly or indirectly responsible for such a decision should be prepared to be held legally liable for any mishap and/or damage due to disease or death that might take place as a consequence of their decision.

At the end of the day these are young children. It is our responsibility and duty to protect them. I once again urge you to reconsider holding the CBSE 12 board exams and to consider the above suggestions made by them very, very seriously.

It will be a great injustice if they are pushed into circumstances that endanger their lives when it is completely unnecessary and it will fist great pity if we let them down at this trying time in their lives.


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Wrote to 11 CMs in the spirit of Cooperative Federalism: Pinarayi Vijayan

Wrote to 11 CMs in the spirit of Cooperative Federalism.

Quite unfortunate that Centre absolves itself of its duty to procure vaccines, ensure free universal vaccination.

United effort to jointly pursue our genuine demand is the need of the hour, so that Centre acts immediately.

Pinarayi Vijayan – Chief Minister, Kerala

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Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray today laid the foundation stone for the elevated road and vehicular underpass project to connect T1 & T2 of Mumbai Airport

CMO Maharashtra:

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray today laid the foundation stone for the elevated road and vehicular underpass project to connect T1 & T2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport which will improve the entry/exit points from the Western Express Highway (WEH) towards Mumbai Airport.

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray e-inaugurated one arm of the Rajnoli flyover and the Durgadi flyover on Bhiwandi-Kalyan road, which will ease the congestion and traffic at Bhiwandi Kalyan-Shilphata Road.

The Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, and the staff have upped the NSCI Dome to an even better facility from the world-class covid care centre that it already was.: Aaditya Thackeray

This evening I visited the NSCI Dome covid care centre in my constituency- Worli, which is now being run by Reliance Foundation Hospital in sync with Seven Hills and Trident Hotel.

I had the opportunity to interact with the Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, and the staff that have upped it to an even better facility from the world-class covid care centre that it already was.

It now has 64 ICUs that will be soon up and in service of people, apart from the 700 oxygenated beds. I’m grateful to Reliance foundation for their support on this for the State of Maharashtra, on my humble request.

Aaditya Thackeray – Minister, Maharashtra Govt.

Just 2-hours time given to farmers a day to sell their produce: DK Shivakumar

Lockdown has forced farmers to sell produce at a mere pittance & 2-hours time given to them a day to sell can hardly ever be enough.

I demand the CM BS Yediyurappa to immediately buy all produce from farmers (fruits, veggies &flowers) & sell in the retail market at prices the Govt wants

DK Shivakumar – President, Karnataka Congress:

Ministry of Shipping has waived off all charges for handling oxygen cargo at Ports: Mansukh Mandaviya

Chennai Port is now playing role of a hub for quick distribution of Oxygen within city.

On request of TN Govt, ‘Port of Chennai’ handled 1st train with liquid O2 container loaded from Dolvi Steel Plant, MH.

Ministry of Shipping has waived off all charges for handling oxygen cargo at Ports

Mansukh Mandaviya – Union Minister for Shipping

Sri Sri at Sunrise

This is the role of knowledge: in knowledge, you smile and laugh at the event. You grow out of the event with the power of knowledge :

The spirit of ‘seva’ has been a guiding light for the government in each step it has taken:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always made it clear that his aim as well as the government’s purpose is to serve 135 crore Indians.

The spirit of ‘seva’ has been a guiding light for the government in each step it has taken.

Be it serving the people by mobilising resources during the pandemic or ensuring that food grains reach the poor, be it procuring record quantities of agri-produce at MSP from farmers or enabling better working conditions for workers, it is the spirit of service that is visible.

Click the link below, to can get a glimpse of ‘7 Years Of Seva of the Modi government, which has strived to serve India and fulfil the aspirations of the people

Restrictions in different parts of the state till 15th June 2021 to ‘Break The Chain’ of transmission effectively: CMO Maharashtra

Via CMO Maharashtra. Excerpts:

A. Municipal Corporation areas of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Thane Municipal Corporation, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, New Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Comoration, Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation, Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and Nashik Municipal Corporation (all municipal corporation areas with population of more than a million as per 2011 census) shall be considered as separate administrative units

B. Reference date for current order is 29th May, 2021. Positivity data used shall be for the week ending on this reference date and occupancy of Oxygen beds shall be taken as on this reference date.

C. In administrative units defined as in ‘A’ above, where the positivity rate is equal to or less than 10% and the occupancy of total oxygen beds available therein is less than 40%, following relaxations to the orders dated 12th May, 2021 (and any clarifications/ additions thereof) shall be applicable –

a. All essential shops that are currently allowed to operate between 7 AM and It AM may be allowed to operate between 7 AM and 2 PM

b. In the case of all non- essential shops (stand-alone shops. not inside shopping centers/ malls), decision regarding the allowing of opening of such shops along with the time limit for the functioning of the same may be taken by respective Disaster Management authorities. These, if allowed to open, however shall not be opened beyond that allowed for essential shops and shall not be allowed to open on weekends.

c. Delivery of Non-EsSential items along with essential items through E-Commerce may be allowed in such districts.

d. Post 3 PM there shall be restrictions on movement cxcept for medical and other emergencies, or for home deliveries allowed under the order dated 12. May, 2021.

e. All Government offices, except those involved directly for corona work in the said districts can function with 25% attendance. Respective DMA may allow more than this percentage of attendance if concerned HOD requests so. In MCGM area, for 001 and GOM establishments, these permissions shall be granted by Chief Secretary of State of Maharashtra.

f. Agriculture sector related shops may remain open till 2 PM on weekdays. Respective DMA however may extend this timings on weekdays or may allow for some period on weekends, taking into the considerations of the requirements of sowing season and in view of impending monsoon.

D. In the case of administrative units defined as in ‘A’ above, where the positivity rate is more than 20% or where occupancy of the oxygen beds available therein is more than 75% restrictions imposed Ade ‘Break the Chain’ Orders dated 12. May, 2021 shall be augmented with the following:

a. The district borders of such districts be sealed and no influx or outflow of persons into or from the district may be allowed. Only in the case of death in the family or on medical grounds or for performing duty relating to any
emergency and/or essential services related to COVID 19 management, a person may be allowed to enter or leave the district with no other exceptions.

E. In all the other administrative units as defined in ‘A’ above, that do not fall under the conditions mentioned in points ‘C’ & ‘D’, all the current restrictions imposed vide Break the Chain Orders dated 121h May, 2021 and clarifications / additions thereof will continue as they stand on reference date.

F. It is re-emphasised that –

a. There are no restrictions for cargo movements and deliveries to shops/ establishments beyond the opening time of these arc allowed for the purposes of replenishments of stock.

There shall however be no serving of any customers beyond pemittcd times over the counter. Anyone breaking these orders shall be closed down till the period notification of Corona Pandemic is in operation in addition to fines mentioned in order dated 12th May, 2021.

Simply phenomenal! – researchers at IIT Hyderabad have developed oral tablets of AmphotericinB: Dr Harsh Vardhan

Simply phenomenal! – researchers at IIT Hyderabad have developed oral tablets of AmphotericinB to treat post COVID19 fungal infections.

Funded by DST India’s Nanomission, the team has kept tech free of IP rights to enable quick mass production of the drug, once approved.

Dr Harsh vardhan – union health minister

Visited COVID19 patients undergoing treatment in the corona ward of the Coimbatore ESI Hospital: MK Stalin – CM, Tamil Nadu

Visited COVID19 patients undergoing treatment in the corona ward of the Coimbatore ESI Hospital, wearing a PPE suit and inquired about their health.

Along with Medicine, words of comfort too plays a role in cure. Tamil Nadu Govt is here to give that hope and comfort!

I went inside the Covid ward to reassure, the frontline workers including the doctors who are risking their lives to serve, the patients, and their families

We will overcome this pandemic.

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya inaugurates floating jetty at Old Goa, announces that Old Goa and Panjim will soon be connected through ferry and cruise

Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways:

Union Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways Shri Mansukh Mandaviya in the presence of Chief Minister of Goa Shri Pramod Sawant inaugurated the second floating jetty at Old Goa virtually today on the occasion of Goa statehood day.

Shri Mandaviya expressed hope that the floating jetty at Old Goa will prove a game changer for the tourism sector of Goa.

He also announced that Panjim and Old Goa will be connected by ferry and cruise services. The Minister said the jetty will offer safe, hassle free transportation to the tourists. The Minister lauded the work done by Government of Goa in making tourism sector  a growth engine of the state.

The Government of India has approved setting up of two Concrete floating jetties on River Mondovi (NW-68) to connect Old Goa and Panjim.

This is the second floating jetty constructed on River Mondovi (NW-68).  Earlier, the first jetty located at Captain of Ports, Panjim Goa was inaugurated by Minister of Ports Shipping & Waterways in presence of Chief Minister of Goa on 21st February 2020 at Panjim.

Concrete floating jetties have many advantages over the fixed jetties. – Their price is approximately 1/5th of the price of fixed jetty. Similarly they are quicker to build and install, easier to use.

The designed life of floating jetty is up to 50 years. Also, being floating structures they don’t need CRZ clearances. They can be increased in size or reduced as per changes in users’ requirement or the changes in jetty site’s hydrographic profile.

Wishing the people on Goa Statehood Day, the Minister said the government of India along with the state government is committed to the development of the state.

He said Murmugaon Port has also contributed significantly in the development of the state.

Union Minister of State for Ayush Shri Shripad Yesso Naik and Minister for Ports, Government of Goa, Shri Michael Lobo, were also present on the occasion.

Visited Cyclone Yaas affected areas in Bhadrak: Dharmendra Pradhan

Visited Cyclone Yaas affected areas in Bhadrak post the aerial survey.

Most of the areas are still water-logged.

I also interacted with the villagers, they told me that the severe storm has extensively damaged their crops and houses. One of their key demands was a pucca house.

I also joined the relief work being carried out by BJP Odisha karyakartas as a part of the ‘Sewa Hi Sangathan’ initiative.

Our mission is to speed up relief and rehabilitation, extend all support and ensure that normal life returns for those affected by the cyclone.

Dharmendra Pradhan – Union Minister