It is now official. Kerala CM has endorsed ‘vaccine challenge’: Thomas Isaac

It is now official. Kerala CM has endorsed vaccine challenge.

At 9 PM the remittances to CMRF vaccine account have crossed ₹1.65 crores.

Only BJP has been denigrating this spontaneous initiative from below. If any one has doubts read the comments on my tweets

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In solidarity with the protests against Centres Vaccine Policy few youth launch a hashtag campaign (#vaccinechallenge) to donate the cost of 2 doses to CMDRF, while insisting on free vaccination.

Within 24 hours ₹35 lakhs remitted.

Dr Thomas Isaac – Finance Minister, Kerala

The first ‘Oxygen Express’ train loaded with liquid medical oxygen tankers from Vizag has reached Nagpur: Piyush Goyal

Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi ji, the first ‘Oxygen Express’ train loaded with liquid medical oxygen tankers from Vizag has reached Nagpur.

3 tankers have been offloaded in Nagpur.

The train will proceed to Nashik, delivering oxygen for patients across Maharashtra.

Piyush Goyal – Union Minister

Held consultations along with my colleague Mansukh Mandviya and our Secretaries with the Indian vaccine industry: Dr S Jaishankar

Dr S Jaishankar – External Affairs Minister :

Held consultations along with my colleague Mansukh Mandviya and our Secretaries with the Indian vaccine industry.

Thank senior management of @SerumInstIndia, @BharatBiotech, @ZydusUniverse, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, @biological_e, Indian Immonogicals Ltd, @PanaceaBiotec, Cadila Healthcare, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals, @Bibcoll, HLL Biotech & Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceuticals Corp for their participation.

Our Ambassadors in the US, Germany and EU were also on the call. We have been working over the last few weeks to address supply chain issues faced by our pharma industry. Appreciated the updates and insights provided today.

Will strive to ensure that our supply chains are as smooth as possible in a difficult global situation. The world must support India, as India helps the world.

If we work as one nation, there will not be any scarcity of resources : PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired high-level meeting on Covid-19 situation with Chief Ministers of 11 states and Union Territories which have reported maximum number of cases in recently.

The biggest basis of India’s success during the first wave of the pandemic was our united efforts and united strategy and reiterated that we will have to address this challenge in the same way.

NARENdra modi

PM Modi assured Centre’s full support to all the states and in this fight. He added that the Ministry of Health is also in touch with the states and is monitoring the situation closely and issuing necessary advices to the states from time to time.

On oxygen supply, PM Modi took note of the points raised by the states. He said there is a continuous effort to increase oxygen supply. All the concerned departments and ministries of the government are also working together. Industrial oxygen has also been diverted to meet immediate requirements.

PM Modi urged all states to work together and coordinate with one-another to fulfil requirements relating to medicines and oxygen. He urged the states to check hoarding and black marketing of oxygen and medicines.

The PM said that every state should ensure that no oxygen tanker, whether it is meant for any state, is stopped or gets stranded. The Prime Minister urged the states to set up a high-level co-ordination committee to carry oxygen to different hospitals of the state. This Coordination Committee should ensure that as soon as there is allotment of oxygen from the centre, it can deliver oxygen as per requirement in different hospitals of the state immediately. PM informed the Chief Ministers that yesterday he chaired a meeting on oxygen supply and will be attending one today to discuss all the options for increasing the oxygen supply.

PM Modi stated that the central government is working on all possible options to reduce the travel time and turnaround time of oxygen tankers. For this, Railways has started Oxygen Express.Empty Oxygen tankers are also being transported by the Air-Force to reduce one way travel time.

The Prime Minister said that along with upgrading of resources, we have to focus on testing. He emphasized that widespread testing should be conducted so that people get the facility easily.

The PM remarked that our vaccination programme should not slow down in this situation. PM Modi mentioned that India is running the world’s largest vaccination programme and so far, more than 15 crore vaccine doses have been provided free of cost to the states by the Government of India.

PM Modi also urged the administration to continuously make people aware so that they do not indulge in panic buying. He said that with united efforts, we will be able to stop this second wave of the pandemic across the country.

Source : PIB

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