First 100 beneficiaries of foreign vaccines shall be assessed for 7 days for safety outcomes before it is further rolled out within the country: Dr Harsh Vardhan

Dr Harsh Vardhan – Union Health Minister:

Delighted to share Govt of India’s remarkable initiative to augment our basket of COVID19 vaccines

COVID Vaccines which have been granted emergency approval for restricted use by USFDA, EMA, UK MHRA, PMDA Japan or which are listed in WHO (Emergency Use Listing) may be given EUA in India.

This decision has been taken based on the recommendations put forth by NEGVAC after comprehensive deliberations.

First 100 beneficiaries of such foreign vaccines shall be assessed for 7 days for safety outcomes before it is further rolled out within the country.

It’ll be mandatory to conduct post-approval parallel bridging clinical trial as per prescribed provisions. This decision will facilitate quicker access to foreign COVID19 vaccines by India, enhance import of bulk drug material & utilisation of domestic fill & finish capacity.

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The election in West Bengal has now gained massive momentum in BJP’s favour: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh – Union Defence Minister:

Addressed three election meetings in West Bengal today.

The election in West Bengal has now gained massive momentum in BJP’s favour. I am confident that it will lead to ‘Asol Parivartan’ in the State. Now, even Mamata Di has realised that TMC is going out and BJP is coming in.

If the law and order situation in any State deteriorates, the prime responsibility lies on the Chief minister of the State.

West Bengal has witnessed unprecedented crime and violence in Mamata Didi’s regime. When BJP will come to power in WB the people will feel safe and secure.

Mamata Di is asking a community to come together and vote. This is politics of appeasement and polarisation. Development of West Bengal cannot be ensured with such kind of politics, Development of West Bengal is possible only through politics of inclusion.

We don’t do politics of division and polarisation, based on caste, creed, religion. We do politics of humanity and inclusion. We consider everyone as human, we don’t see anyone from prism of caste creed, religion.

Once we form government here in West Bengal, the system of “tolabaazi” and “cut money” that has been institutionalised under the TMC government, it will be wiped off completely.

In a democracy voting right is the biggest weapon in the hands of people. It can lead to major change. And, I firmly believe that in this election the people of West Bengal will use their votes to bring a great and positive change by voting out TMC out of power.

NHAI to Make Network Survey Vehicle Use Mandatory for Road Condition Survey

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways via PIB India:

In line with its commitment to provide better roads to commuters, NHAI has decided to deploy Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) to enhance quality of the National Highways.

Carrying out road condition survey using NSV on the National Highways has been made mandatory at the time of certifying completion of the project and every six months thereafter.

The provision has also been included as a part of the standard bidding document of consultancy services.

The deployment will help in enhancing the overall quality of the highways as NSV uses the latest survey techniques such as high-resolution digital camera for 3600 imagery,
Record images/videos at regular intervals,
Laser Road Profilometer and other related technology for measurement of distresses in road surface.

NSV will also help collate data to analyse the Road condition including measurement of the road surface, surface cracking, potholes and patches.

Apart from this, NSV will also provide data insights relating to side drains and road furniture etc.

Data collected through NSV survey shall be uploaded on NHAI’s ‘AI’ based portal Data Lake, where it will be analysed by Road Asset Management Cell (RAMS Cell) to assess the condition/roughness of road to prioritise for the maintenance.

The data will help maintaining up-to-date asset inventory and road assets condition status. Apart from delivering vital information on road network planning, providing relevant information on other aspects such as development of road safety measures, etc., it will also assist in developing Highway maintenance strategies, analysis of maintenance and selection of optimal maintenance regime.

The data collected through NSV surveys will highlight deficiencies in road conditions, prompting BOT operators/NHAI officials to take corrective steps to bring the road condition to the desired level.

This will further result in better upkeep of National Highways, leading to more comfort and better travel experience for Highways users.

The beautifully done up Bhadrakaali Bund in Warangal: Minister, KTR

Some pictures of the beautifully done up Bhadrakaali Bund in Warangal that I had the pleasure of inaugurating yesterday

My compliments to Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation and Collector, Warangal Urban District and their team on a great job

KTR – Minister, Telangana Govt.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

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