Akali Dal to hold protest demonstrations in every constituency in Punjab on April 5: Sukhbir Singh Badal

Sukhbir Singh Badal – President, Akali Dal:

To protest Capt Amarinder-led govt as well as Aam Aadmi Party ‘s betrayal of farmers, Akali Dal will demonstrate in every constituency on April 5.

The dharnas will highlight power tariff hike, huge VAT on fuel & double game being played by AAP.

Shameful that Capt Amarinder is silent about Union Home Ministry’s communiqué to Punjab govt saying our farmers keep migrant farm labour as ‘bonded labour’ & have hooked them to drugs.

This conspiracy will create a rift in the age-old cordial bonds between farmers & labour.

Highly lamentable for Punjab that Centre & state govt are colluding to turn state govt into an ‘immoral profit-making venture’ with sky high power tariff & fuel prices.

Punjab has turned into a wild zone of anarchy with open goonda raj forcing people to fend for their safety.

I am really going to miss being in Wayanad with Rahul and all of you on Easter Sunday: Priyanka Gandhi

Wishing all my sisters and brothers in Kerala a very very Happy Easter filled with joy and togetherness.

I am really going to miss being in Wayanad with Rahul and all of you on Easter Sunday.

Sending you my warmest wishes and a heartfelt apology for not being able to make it.

All the very best to all our candidates as the campaigning comes to a close too.

May you be given the honour of serving the people of this great state once again.

Priyanka Gandhi – General Secretary, Congress:

For the first time in this state’s history, we are going to guarantee a minimum income for every citizen in Kerala: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses a Corner Meeting at Koyilandy, Kerala. Speech excerpts via INC India:

Any type of division in this country, weakens this country. The same applies to Kerala, any division of the state will weaken the state.

Whatever progress you see in India today, whatever institutions you see today have all come out of the Congress ideology.

The success of India so far has come as a result of the work of the people of India & the Congress party.

The first thing that the UDF will give Kerala, is a peaceful, harmonious, tranquil Kerala.

For the first time in this state’s history, we are going to guarantee a minimum income for every citizen in Kerala.

Rs. 6000 a month, Rs. 72,000 a year will go into every poor person’s account until that person is out of poverty.

NYAY Yojana is going to solve 3 problems:
1. The problem of poverty – there will be no poor people left in Kerala
2. Unemployment
3. Economic stagnation.

We come with intelligent solutions. We don’t look at Karl Marx’s book to find these solutions, we look to you to find these solutions.

We appeal not to the intelligence of one man, but to the intelligence of the people of Kerala.

Easter is a time of renewal and awakening: CM, Neiphiu Rio

Easter is a time of renewal and awakening.

May the miracle of Easter bring renewed hope, faith, love and joy; all received through God’s divine grace.

My best wishes for a happy and a blessed Easter Sunday.

Neiphiu Rio – CM, nagaland

The pristine natural beauty of Arunachal will mesmerize you: Kiren Rijiju

This is not the main road but country road.

Whenever you visit Arunachal Pradesh, be a nature lover.
The pristine natural beauty will mesmerize you.

I’m happy to attend the launch of “Air Gun Surrender Abhiyan” to protect the wildlife at Pasighat with CM Pema Khandu Ji.

kiren rijiju – union sports minister

Congress is having several alliances with communal forces and they call us communal! : JP Nadda

BJP National President JP Nadda addressed a public meeting in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Speech excerpts via BJP India:

Congress is having several alliances with communal forces. In Kerala, they’ve an alliance with the Muslim League and in West Bengal, with Abbas Siddiqui and in Assam, with Badruddin Ajmal! And they call us communal!

It is only BJP-AIADMK that has taken care of religious and cultural values of Tamil Nadu.

When the incident happened, MK Stalin never condemned Karuppar Koottam.

He’s always talked about non-religious sentiments.

It was the BJP that took out the Vetrivel Yatra, and now, even Stalin has to talk about religious sentiments.

BJP-NDA strongly feel management of temples should be managed by devotees and not atheists: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Sulthan Bathery, Kerala. Speech excerpts via BJP India:

Wayanad is Rahul baba’s constituency.

He was Amethi’s MP for 15 years and did not do anything to make Amethi better. Later, he shifted to Wayanad.

I’ve never witnessed a tourist politician like Rahul baba. He will do no development in the region.

PM Modi has a FAST vision for Kerala.
F – Fisheries and Fertilizers
A – Agriculture and Ayurveda
S – Skill development and social empowerment
T – Tourism and technology

In the last 2 decades of reign of LDF-UDF, there has been no growth and development. Kerala is now embroiled in corruption, appeasement, and political violence.

UDF and LDF are both confused parties. They fight each other here, but fight together in Bengal!

Do Left and Congress do politics of ideology or just power?

The Gold scam was done by Vijayan’s govt. If you change it to UDF, solar scams will take place again. Nothing will change. LDF-UDF are very similar to the core.

Congress was sitting mum when Lord Ayyappa’s devotees where being lathi-charged here!

BJP-NDA strongly feel management of temples should be managed by devotees and not atheists.

LDF has nothing to do with efficiency. They only aspire for power on fear of political violence.

Numerous workers of BJP and RSS have been killed in Kerala. Vijayan Ji, the BJP is never afraid of working hard and will never be afraid.

Greetings on Rajya Sabha Day today : Venkaiah Naidu

Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President :

Greetings on Rajya Sabha Day today.

The Upper House of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha was constituted on 3rd April 1952 and since then it has contributed to the welfare and progress of the country in many ways.

Also known as the Council of States, it reflects the federal character of our polity and protects the rights of States.

On this day, I would like to appeal to the members of Rajya Sabha to meaningfully contribute to constructive debates in the House & live up to its reputation as the ‘House of Elders’

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