Those who looted Punjab will pay for it once Akali Dal forms govt in 2022: Sukhbir Singh Badal

Sukhbir Singh Badal – President, Akali Dal:

Those who looted Punjab will pay for it once Akali Dal forms govt in 2022.

Outsiders like Chandak from Rajasthan & Rakesh Chaudhary from Jammu teamed up with Cong MLAs to form a sand mafia resulting in Punjab not collecting even Rs 100 cr of Rs 1,400 cr revenue projected by Cong govt.

Congressmen have caused a whopping loss of around Rs 6,500 crore in excise revenue to state as their confidants have been running illegal distilleries.

Congress MLAs also set up factories to sell tiles to the govt at inflated rates to misappropriate MGNREGA funds.

Punjab will never forgive Capt Amarinder Singh for backstabbing farmers by giving his assent to Agri ordinances as part of Committee of CMs.

He even failed to stand up to the Centre on the recent issue of DBT. Once Akali Dal forms govt, it will not allow implementation of Agri laws.

Arvind Kejriwal promised 8 lakh jobs in Delhi but delivered only 214 jobs in 3 years.

Bhagwant too betrayed Punjab farmers by giving his assent to the Essential Commodities Act. What good will they do for Punjab compared to Akali Dal which has always put Panth & Punjabis first?

Cabinet Secretary Reviews the COVID Status with all States/UTs. Emphasised that Vaccination is one of the 5 tools to contain the Surge

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare via PIB India:

Cabinet Secretary Shri Rajiv Gauba chaired a high-level review meeting with Chief Secretaries, DG Police and Health Secretaries of all States/UTs, with focus on 11 States/UTs that have been reporting very high rise in daily cases and daily mortality because of COVID-19 in the last two weeks.

Taking note of the present situation due to the continuous deterioration of the COVID scenario over the fortnight, the Cabinet Secretary pointed out that the current COVID case growth rate of 6.8% in March 2021 has surpassed the previous record of 5.5% (June 2020).

The country also reported 5.5% growth rate in daily COVID deaths in this period.

While the country was reporting about 97,000 daily new COVID cases at the peak of the pandemic in September 2020, the country has now reached the critical figure 81,000 daily new cases of COVID.

Through a detailed and comprehensive presentation, the Union Health Secretary highlighted the current trajectory of COVID in the States/UTs while Union Secretary (I&B) showcased ways of effective Behavioural Change Communication to instill COVID Appropriate Behaviour among the populace.

Dr V. K. Paul emphasized on need for States to follow a protocol for sharing clinical and epidemiological data for more detailed study of mutant strain of virus for genome sequencing.

The Union Home Secretary pointed out that the 11 States and UTs that are showing a surge in daily COVID cases have not shown commensurate increase in enforcement of containment activities.

He urged the Chief Secretaries and DGs (Police) of the States/UTs for taking appropriate strict action in this regard.

11 States/UTs were categorised as “States of grave concern” on account of their high and rising daily case and higher daily deaths.

These have contributed 90% of COVID cases (as on 31st March) and 90.5% of deaths (as on 31st March) in last 14 days, and have crossed/or close to crossing their early reported peaks during last year.

It was pointed out the situation was particularly worrying in Maharashtra.

Another worrisome aspect pointed out was that Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities along with peri-urban areas have recorded the recent high ruses in COVID cases; the spread of infection from these areas to the rural areas with weak health infrastructure would overwhelm the local administration was also highlighted.

After detailed and comprehensive review of the measures taken by the States/UTs, the Cabinet Secretary reiterated the necessity of meticulous and hard work regarding stringent enforcement of containment and surveillance measures, in conjunction with ramping up vaccination and strict enforcement of COVID Appropriate Behaviour.

The Cabinet Secretary exhorted the Chief Secretaries to galvanize the state administration and to use all resources at their disposal to tackle the recent surge of COVID cases. The need to expand the efforts to departments other than the Health Department through a “Whole of Government” approach was re-stressed at the meeting today. It was emphasised that the Centre continues to provide all resources and support to all States and UTs for public health measures and clinical management for fighting COVID19.

Pleased to share that Calcutta University has been adjudged 1st among all Indian universities for merit & performance: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee – CM, West Bengal:

Pleased to share that Calcutta University has been adjudged 1st among all Indian universities for merit & performance, as per the renowned Shanghai Ranking or Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020.

CU has also ranked 3rd among all higher education institutes in India.

It’s a proud moment for the whole state & I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the teachers, researchers, students & everyone associated with the University of Calcutta for their earnest contribution and brilliant performance.

Presiding Officer & 3 other officials placed under suspension in connection with the incident involving EVM at Karimganj: Spokesperson ECI

Election Commission of India:

1. The polling party of No. 149- Indira M.V. School of LAC 1 Ratabari(SC) met with an unfortunate incident on 01 April 2021.

The polling party comprised of a Presiding Officer and three polling personnel. They were accompanied by the police personnel comprising of a constable and a homeguard.   

2. The Polling party after completion of polls at 1800 Hrs. was returning in a convoy escorted by an armed escort led by the Police Sector Officer ABSI Luhit Gohain. The weather on the 01st of April was inclement and was raining heavily in the later hours of the day leading to the roads being muddy.

3. NH8 is the only artery road leading into Karimganj from remote areas of the district. Since it was poll day and poll closes at 1800 hrs, about 1300 vehicles were returning on the single highway, as all polling parties return to Karimganj from 1800 Hrs. onwards. Combined with the inclement weather, this had led to an unprecedented traffic congestion on the highway. 

4. As the above mentioned polling party was approaching Nilam Bazaar,  the vehicle which had been allotted by the transport cell of  election branch, DC office, to the party carrying the polling party broke down at about 2100 hrs on 01 April 2021. Due to the traffic congestion and the prevailing weather condition, the party became detached from its convoy. The party alighted from the vehicle and called the Sector Officer Sri Ajoy Sutradhar on his mobile and informed him. While the sector officer was arranging for an alternate vehicle, polling party decided to arrange a vehicle of its own so as to reach the Material Receipt Centre faster since they were in custody of polled EVMs. 

5. At about 2120 hrs, the polling party hailed a passing vehicle and boarded it along with their EVM and other things without checking the ownership of the vehicle bearing the number AS-10B-0022. As reported by the polling party, they moved towards Karimganj  and as they reached Kanaishil in Karimganj at about 2200 hrs, they had to slow down in the traffic. As they slowed down, they were surrounded by a mob of about 50 people which started pelting stones at them. The mob also started abusing them and did not allow the vehicle to pass. When they asked the leader of the mob, he replied that it was the vehicle of Sri Krishnendu Paul who is a contesting candidate of a neighbouring constituency (Patharkandi LAC-2) and he levelled allegations that the EVM was being taken to be tampered with. 

It was only then that they realised that something was amiss and alerted the Sector Officer.

However, a larger crowd had gathered by then and they were attacked and held hostage by a mob along with the EVM in the vehicle at 2145 hrs alleging that the EVM was being taken to be tampered with. 

6. Immediately after receiving information about the incident, DEO Karimganj along with SP Karimganj rushed to the spot and reached there at 2220 hrs. Also in the mean while, the antecedents of the vehicle were ascertained and it was found to be was registered in the name of Smti. Madhumita Paul, Wife of contesting candidate, Patharkandi LAC No 2, Shri Krishnendu Paul.  

On arrival at the spot, it was observed that the crowd was pulling out the polling party and were about to assault them. The mob had turned violent and had damaged the glass of the vehicle by stone pelting.

During the course of the stone pelting, SP Karimganj sustained minor injuries on his collarbone and blank firing had to be resorted to disperse the mob. The first polling officer was found missing in the commotion, the EVM’s and the remaining polling party along were safely escorted from the area and taken into the control of the DEO at 2320 hrs.

On examination, the polled EVM comprising of BU, CU and VVPAT was found to be with its seal intact without any damage whatsoever. All the items have been deposited in the strong room.

7. The first polling officer was missing until the wee hours of the morning of 02 April 2021 as he was hiding in the undergrowth nearby and a search operation was being conducted all night. This delayed the transmission of this report by a few hours.

8. In this regard, the Presiding Officer was issued show cause notice for violation of the transport protocol. Thereafter, the PO & 3 other officials have been placed under suspension. Although the seals of the EVM were found intact, it has nevertheless been decided to do a re-poll at  No. 149- Indira M.V. School   of LAC 1 Ratabari (SC) as added precaution. A report has also been sought from the Special Observer. 

Congress-DMK keep projecting themselves as protectors of Tamil culture. But facts suggest otherwise: PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi addressed a rally in the city of Madurai. Speech excerpts via BJP India:

Congress-DMK keep projecting themselves as protectors of Tamil culture. But facts suggest otherwise.

UPA govt in 2011 banned Jallikattu, their leader even described it as a barbaric practice!

NDA govt paved the way for Jallikattu to continue after 2016-17.

Our govt has done a lot to boost medical infra –
1 medical college every 3 district
Seats for UG/PG increased
Medical+technical education in local languages
Congress-DMK kept the Devendra Kula Vellalar community issue hanging for decades, but we solved it.

A vote for NDA is a vote for better investment in this region.

We’re creating the right atmosphere for more industries. Food processing and textiles sector are our focus. India is supporting new startups and liberalising regulatory framework.

South Tamil Nadu and especially Madurai has a special association with MGR.

In 1980s, Congress dismissed MGR’s democratically elected govt. Elections were called, and he won from Madurai! His vision for an inclusive and prosperous society inspires us.

UDF and LDF have committed their own 7 deadly sins in Kerala: PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi addresses public meeting at Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Speech excerpts via BJP India:

UDF and LDF have committed their own 7 deadly sins in Kerala.

1. Felt pride and arrogance – they feel they can never be defeated and this has disconnected them from the roots.

2. Greed for money – Solar scam, dollar scam, land scam, gold scam, bribery scam, excise scam – the list is endless. Both alliances have looted from every sector.

3. Wrath towards people. I fail to understand which govt will shower lathis on innocent devotees! Which govt will repeatedly attack its own citizens!?

4. Envy or jealousy UDF & LDF are jealous of each other and want to beat each other in committing all wrongs.

5. Lust for power This makes them form alliances with communal, criminal and regressive elements of the society. What was the stand of the Muslim League on Triple Talaq? What are the social policies of the SDPI and PFI? Can their regressive policies be supported! No!

6. Promoting dynasty politics In both alliances, there’s a craze to further dynasty rule. Everything else is a side issue. We’ve also seen how children of big leaders are behaving. The case of the son of a top LDF leader is well known and his antics are common knowledge.

7. Laziness in working. When making money, promoting dynasty and doing votebank politics is a priority, governance naturally takes a backseat. UDF and LDF have brought a govt paralysis in Kerala. It is time to free Kerala from these alliances..

We in NDA are coming to you with forward looking development agenda that puts Kerala on FAST route to progress.

My vision for FAST includes:
F for Fisheries & Fertilisers
A for Agriculture & Ayurveda
S for Skill development & social empowerment
T for Tourism & technology

In this year’s budget, many economic corridors have been announced and this includes extensive highway work in Kerala as part of the Mumbai-Kanyakumari Corridor.

Phase-II of the Kochi metro will receive adequate central funding. A fishing harbour will come up in Kochi. The warm-hearted nature has got people from all over the world to this state. Tourists came, but there was no vision from the govt to support tourism.

NDA’s track record in tourism sector shows that our alliance alone can help this sector grow. For Kerala, we want to focus on different aspects of tourism.

There are opportunities in health, spiritual and cruise tourism.

Access to drinking water is a problem in Kerala. Only 25% of Kerala households had tap water supply before we started the Jal Jeevan Mission.

Since it began, almost 20% households all over India got access to tap water connections.

I’m sad to share that in Kerala, the number is only 4.5%. The reason for this slow progress is the poor attitude of the state govt!

I want to tell the state govt in Kerala – Please take all credit, but don’t make people suffer!

Millions of devotees come here after observing a 41 days vratam. That discipline and devotion makes this land even holier. I bow down to Swami Ayyappa as well as appreciate the devotees.

The LDF first tried to distort the image of Kerala and tried to show Kerala culture as backward. Then they tried to destabilize sacred places by using agents to carry out mischief.

The devotees of Swami Ayyappa who should’ve been welcomed with flowers, were welcomed with lathis! I want to state clearly – the innocent devotees of Swami Ayyappa are not criminals.

The Left’s lies will not go on anymore. An imported and internationally rejected ideology will no longer be allowed to trample over the culture of our land.

This is why Babasaheb Ambedkar questioned – Can Communism and free democracy ever co-exist? He said Communism is like a forest fire that will burn and consume everything.

BJP karyakartas will stand in the way of efforts to trample the culture of our society.

Kamalathal better known as ‘Idli Amma’ will soon have her own house cum workspace from where she will cook & sell idlis : Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group :

Only rarely does one get to play a small part in someone’s inspiring story, and I would like to thank Kamalathal, better known as Idli Amma, for letting us play a small part in hers.

She will soon have her own house cum workspace from where she will cook & sell idlis.

Thanks to the Mahindra Rise team for understanding from Kamalathal how we can ‘invest’ in her business. She said her priority was a new home/workspace.

Grateful to the Registration Office at Thondamuthur for helping us achieve our first milestone by speedily registering the land.

The Mahindra Life Spaces team will soon start the construction as per Kamalathal’s requirement.


Once again thanks to Bharat Gas Coimbatore for providing her a continued supply of LPG.

Source : @anandmahindra

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