DMK-Congress alliance should look inwards before talking about corruption: Amit Shah

DMK-Congress alliance should look inwards before talking about corruption.

Don’t forget that they have given Tamil Nadu ‘2G, 3G and 4G’!

2G – 2 Generations of Maran Family

3G – 3 Generations of Karunanidhi Family

4G – 4 Generations of Gandhi Family

Amit shah – union home minister

Privileged to do my humble bit by donating to the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration for the development of Sri Mandir and Sri Kshetra: Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan – Union Minister:

Lord Jagannath is the centre of faith for all Hindus.

It is our collective responsibility to work towards the development and promotion of the Jagannath Culture—which is synonymous with the belief and identity of all Hindus across the globe, including 4.5 crore Odias in Odisha.

Privileged to do my humble bit by donating ₹1 lakh to the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration for the development of Sri Mandir and Sri Kshetra.

Appeal my Odia brothers and sisters and all devotees of the Lord to join hands for this holy cause.

We are all blessed that Mahaprabhu Jagannath has given us all this opportunity and responsibility to serve him.

Jai Jagannath

I & B Ministry and IIT Bombay come together to offer courses related to VFX, Gaming and Animation: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar – Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting:

Happy to announce that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in collaboration with IIT Bombay has decided to form a Gaming center wherein courses related to VFX, Gaming and Animation will be taught.

Assam has seen good governance under CM Sarbanand Sonowal Ji for the first time: Tejasvi Surya

Tejasvi Surya – National President, BJYM:

This was my first visit to the beautiful state of Assam.

Began the day by taking blessings of Maa Kamakhya.

This Shakti Peeth is truly unique – those who have visited would have experienced a very real divine presence here.

BJP is winning Assam!

Assam has seen good governance under CM Sarbanand Sonowal Ji for the first time.

Amount of work done in last 5 years is incredible.

Great progress in infrastructure, youth development and social security.

People will reward his sincerity & hard work.

Youth of Assam have greatly benefited from programs of Sri Sarbananda Sonowal’s government.

Today’s BJYM Assam Prdesh rally is clear indication that BJP will return with bigger mandate.

Great speeches by Himanta Biswa Ji and Dilip Saikia Ji.

Kudos to BJYM Pres Anup Barman

Sometimes a simple question shakes our conscience: PM Narendra Modi

Sometimes a simple question shakes our conscience.

Few days ago, Aparna Reddy of Hyderabad asked me if I ever felt anything amiss during my stints as CM and PM!

I thought about it and told myself that I couldn’t make sufficient efforts to learn Tamil language!

prime minister narendra modi in mann ki baat

Education is not a financial commodity. One should not be able to buy an education, education should be available to everybody – rich, poor, man & woman: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi interaction with College Professors at St. Xavier’s College in Tamil Nadu. Excerpts, via INC India:

I’d like to welcome all of you here. I can see the future of this country, I can see many young women & young men here, and I am confident that you are going to do great things.

I’m am here to have a conversation with you. Conversation is about what you and I feel. I am here to listen, more than to speak.

If we are going to have any policy that is going to be made for education system, it has to come from a conversation with students & professors. And unfortunately, this was not done [with NEP]

It is impossible for someone outside the education system to tell our students & teachers what is best for them. That is the first problem [with NEP].

The second problem is that they are centralising too much power into the Central govt, into one institution. This is going to damage our education system.

NEP is a weapon to communalise, a weapon to push a particular ideology into our education system.

When they say ‘Tamil Nadu is on the way to success’, you have to ask one question, ‘who in Tamil Nadu is being successful?’. The thing they never say is that 2-3 people are being successful, they assume everybody is but that is not the case.

As long as all ideas are shared without hatred, without anger, I don’t see a problem with conversations taking place.

A healthy democracy should be confident enough to speak about anything. It should not be without courage to speak the truth.

The Modi govt says they represent Hinduism. But a lot of ideas that they espouse have nothing to do with Hinduism. Nowhere in Hinduism does it ask to insult, beat & kill people.

The true principles of religion are very simple: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism all say the same thing – treat the other person with respect, love & affection.

Modi govt’s whole game is to steal. The idea is – do whatever you have to do to take the money of the people of India.

There is no society in the world that can be successful without respecting & empowering its women. There is a lot we have to do in India to give our women the space that they deserve & require to grow.

I believe the education should be universal, not only for financially strong people. So, the more scholarships we give & the more exposure we give to poorer people, the better it is.

I am confident that when we come to power after the elections, we are going to push for scholarships & access of education to women & poorer people. I stand for that whole-heartedly.

We believe education is a weapon of empowerment for our people. Making education accessible to all, is something important & fundamental.

I believe a teacher has to be a central pillar of education.

The goal of education is not only collecting information, it is taking that information & distilling it into knowledge and then into wisdom.

Our students have to be global as well as local. There is a requirement for us to be open to the rest of the world but there is also a requirement to never forget where we come from, who we are, what our history is & what our tradition is.

Teachers play a central role in the building of our nation & I am not happy with how they are paid for the hard work they do

Teaching should be a profession that gives you remuneration, that people admire & want to be part of. That would be our vision for education.

A govt should be confident enough to allow different ideas to propagate. A govt that is trying to crush ideas, frightening people, locking up people will never create a creative atmosphere in the country.

If you recall, 70, years ago, this country was ruled by the British. Much more powerful than Narendra Modi will ever be. And the people of this country sent the British empire back. Same way, we will send Narendra Modi back to Nagpur.

We will send Narendra Modi back to Nagpur without any hatred, without any anger, without any violence

Education is not a financial commodity. One should not be able to buy an education, education should be available to everybody – rich, poor, man & woman. And it is a duty of the nation to give education & healthcare to its people.

Today, everything is being seen as a financial commodity – agri, edu, healthcare. Basically, if you have money you get whatever you want & if you don’t then you get nothing. This is where India is heading & I am fundamentally against it.

There should be a large part of the education system that should be free, easily accessible & high quality.

Access & excellence at scale are impossible to achieve with centralisation & corporatisation. If you want achieve this, the govt must play a role, large amount of public money has to go into it & we have to support teachers & institutions.

The Modi govt is more than happy to give Rs.1,50,000 crores to 5-7 business people during Covid19. Why are they not ready to put that money into the education system of our country?

Teachers are one of the central pillars of our education system and we need to empower them, strengthen them and make them comfortable so that they can impart knowledge & wisdom to our students.

Teachers are doing a tremendous job for this country. Every single day in the classroom strengthens this country. Thank you.

Amit Shah India News

The erstwhile Congress Government in Puducherry was serving a family, instead of serving the people of the state: Amit Shah

Amit Shah – Union Home Minister:

  • The erstwhile congress government in Puducherry was serving a family, instead of serving the people of the state.

  • Now Puducherry is all set to elect BJP led NDA government in the upcoming elections.

  • Sharing some pictures from a public meeting in Karaikal, Puducherry.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Desires are like horses. As long as you are in control, it’s fine. But desires shouldn’t ride you. Keep the leash of your desires with you:
Sri Sri

Pic Credit: Sri Sri

The Centre & Cong govt in Punjab MUST reduce prices of petrol & diesel by Rs 5/litre each: Harsimrat Kaur

Harsimrat Kaur Badal – Former Union Minister :

The Centre & Cong govt in Punjab MUST reduce prices of petrol & diesel by Rs 5/litre each to give relief to the common man.

Strange that instead of reducing its own VAT, INC Punjab has planned a phony protest on March 1 to demand that GOI reduces the prices. It’s laughable!

Cong govt must fulfill its promises made to people of Punjab in its last budget, i.e., complete farm loan waiver, unemployment allowance, Rs 51,000 shagun, increase in old age & widow pensions and jobs for youth. If it’s not done, then Capt Amarinder knowingly made false promises

Centre should rethink & repeal the 3 Farm Laws which are being opposed by the farming community.

Cong govt in Punjab is equally responsible for this discrimination against Annadata as it gave the nod to Agri ordinances & now conveniently refusing to take up the issue with GoI.

We welcome the decision by Bodoland People’s Front: Sushmita Dev

Sushmita Dev – President, Mahila Congress:

We welcome the decision by Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), it will strengthen the Grand Alliance further and we shall continue to work for the people of Assam.

Hagrama Mohilary – President of Bodoland People’s Front:

To work for Peace, Unity and Development the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) has decided to join hands with MAHAJATH in the forthcoming Assam Assembly Election.

We shall no longer maintain friendship or alliance with BJP.

Dharmendra Pradhan India News

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti purchased a traditional handmade footwear: Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan – Union Minister:

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti purchased a traditional handmade footwear from Shri Lal Bahadur’s shop in Varanasi.

Highly skilled in his craft, Lal Bahadur ji from the Ravidas community is handcrafting comfortable, high-quality & genuine leather footwear for the last 40 years.

The handicraft industry and our local artisans are a vital cog in the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

I urge everyone to appreciate our local products and adopt the Vocal For Local mantra given by PM Shri Narendra Modi to encourage local craftsmen like Lal Bahadur ji.

P Chidambaram - India News

Only 6% of farmers are able to sell at MSP: P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram – Former Union Finance Minister:

The reward to the farm sector for growing at 3.9% in a recession year is to treat the protesting farmers as if they were enemies of the state

The PM travels from Kerala to Assam but does not have the time or inclination to travel 20 kms to meet the farmers on the border of Delhi

Yet he will claim that he has doubled the farmers’ income

He will also claim that all farmers get MSP when the truth is only 6% of farmers are able to sell at MSP

To ramp up COVID vaccination capacity manifold, significantly large number of private facilities are being involved

Ministry of Health:

Shri Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary today interacted with Health Secretaries and MDs (NHM) of States and UTs on the vaccination of age-appropriate groups through a video conference (VC).

The nationwide COVID-19 Vaccination drive was launched on 16thJanuary, 2021. From this date onwards, Health Care Workers (HCWs) were given the first dose of the COVID vaccine while Front Line Workers (FLWs) were included from 2nd February, 2021.

So far, more than 1.5 core vaccinations have been done.

This nationwide vaccination program is now to be exponentially expanded to the following age-groups from 1st March, 2021:

i) all citizens above 60 years of age, and
ii) those within the age bracket of 45 to 59 years with specified co-morbidities

To ramp up the COVID vaccination capacity manifold, significantly large number of private facilities is being involved.

Around 10,000 private hospitals empanelled under Ayushman Bharat PMJAY, more than 600 hospitals empanelled under CGHS and other private hospitals empanelled under State Govts. Health Insurance Schemes can participate as COVID Vaccination Centers (CVCs).

Health Departments of State Governments have already initiated dialogue with these private hospitals so that they can be encouraged to participate in this drive as CVCs.

A list of all these private hospitals has been uploaded on the website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and National Health Authority.

These can be accessed at:          



In addition, there would be Govt. health facilities which will be used as CVCs such as medical college hospitals, district hospitals, sub divisional hospitals, CHCs, PHCs, Health Sub Centers and Health and Wellness Centers.

Geo reference maps with GPS coordinates of all these health facilities have been prepared that will serve as CVCs and these Geo referenced maps are being shared with the States.

The Government COVID Vaccination Centers will offer free vaccination for all with the Central Government bearing the full cost of the vaccination.

All the private health facilities which will serve as Government COVID Vaccination Centers must follow strict norms of due process, quality and safety including integration with the National Co-Win technology platform.

All private health facilities must also have adequate space, adequate cold chain arrangements, adequate number of vaccinators and support staff and adequate arrangements for addressing Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI).

States were explained the 3 (three) methods of registration i.e. Advance Self Registration, Onsite Registration and Facilitated Cohort Registration.

States have been explained that the private hospitals functioning as CVCs can charge subject to a ceiling of Rs. 250 per person per dose along with the electronic and financial management mechanism in this regard.

User Names and Passwords to be provided to the private facilities to facilitate effective use of CoWIN 2.0, were also discussed during the meeting.

In addition, mapping of private facilities with the nearest cold chain points to ensure seamless flow of vaccines to them was explained to the States. 

The simplified system of certifying people with 20 co-morbidities within the 45-59 years age group was also explained to the States.

The certificate can either be uploaded on Co-WIN2.0 by the beneficiary while self registering or a hard copy can be carried by the beneficiary to the CVC.

Ministry of Agriculture finalizes products for One District One Focus Product

Ministry of Agriculture:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in consultation with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has finalized the products for One District One Focus Product (ODOFP).

The products have been identified from agricultural, horticultural, animal, poultry, milk, fisheries and aquaculture, marine sectors for 728 districts across the country.

The list of products have been finalized after taking inputs from the States/UTs and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

These products will be promoted in a cluster approach through convergence of the Government of India schemes, to increase the value of the products and with the ultimate aim of increasing the income of the farmers.

These identified products will be supported under the PM-FME scheme of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries which provides incentives to promoter and micro-enterprises.

Many products also include convergence of resources and approach from the other departments.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare will support ODOFP from its ongoing centrally sponsored schemes such as MIDH, NFSM, RKVY, PKVY.

The implementation of ODOFP by State Governments will benefit farmers and provide support for realizing the expectations of value addition and subsequently enhancing agricultural exports.

 The products for various districts are;

(i) Paddy – 40 districts
(ii) Wheat – 5 districts
(iii) Coarse cum Nutri Cereals- 25 districts
(iv) Pulses – 16 districts
(v) Commercial crops – 22 districts
(vi) Oilseeds – 41 districts
(vii) Vegetables – 107 districts
(viii) Spices – 105 districts
(ix) Plantation – 28 districts
(x) Fruits – 226 districts
(xi) Floriculture – 2 districts
(xii) Honey – 9 districts
(xi) Animal husbandry/Dairy products – 40 districts
(xi) Aquaculture/Marine fisheries – 29 districts
(xii) Processed Products – 33 districts

PM Modi India News

India’s share in the $ 100 billion global toy market is very small. 85 % of the toys in the country are sourced from abroad. We need to change this situation: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister’s Office:

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the India Toy Fair 2021 today through video conference.

Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari and Union Minister of Textiles Smt Smriti Irani also participated in the event.

The Toy Fair will be held from 27th February to 2nd March 2021. More than 1,000 exhibitors are participating in the fair. 

The Prime Minister interacted with toy makers from Channapatna in Karnataka, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Through this Toy fair, the Government and the Industry shall come together to discuss how India can be made the next global hub for manufacturing and sourcing of toys by way of attracting investments in the sector and promoting exports.

Addressing the event, the Prime Minister called for bringing out the hidden potential of the toy industry in India and to create an identity for it as a big part of the campaign for AatmaNibhar Bharat.

He added this first toy fair is not just a business or economic event. This program is a link to strengthen the country’s age-old culture of sports and cheer.

He said this toy fair is one such platform where one can discuss toy design, innovation, technology, Marketing and packaging and also share their experiences.

He said the world has done research on toys from the era of Indus Valley civilization, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

The Prime Minister recalled that in ancient times, when travelers from the world came to India, they used to learn sports in India and used to take it along with them.

He added that chess, which is so popular in the world today, was earlier played in India as ‘Chaturanga or Chaduranga’.

Modern Ludo was then played as ‘Pachisi’. He said in our scriptures, it was described that Bal Ram had a lot of toys.

In Gokul, Gopal Krishna used to play with his friends outside the house in a balloon. Games, toys and crafts have also been engraved in our ancient temples.

The PM said today India’s share in the $ 100 billion global toy market is very small. 85 % of the toys in the country are sourced from abroad. He stressed the need to change this situation.

The Prime Minister said the country has now graded the toy industry in 24 major sectors.

The National Toy Action Plan has also been prepared. It has included 15 ministries and departments to make these industries competitive, country to become self-reliant in toys, and India’s toys also go into the world.

Throughout this campaign, state governments have been made an equal partner in developing the toy clusters. He said along with this efforts are made to strengthen the possibilities of toy tourism.

Toyathon-2021 was also organized to promote Indian sports based toys and more than 7000 ideas were brainstormed.

The Prime Minister said if there is a demand for Made in India today, then the demand for Handmade in India is also increasing equally. He added today people do not only buy toys as a product but also want to connect with the experience associated with that toy. So we have to promote Handmade in India as well.

Rahul Gandhi India News

As a political leader, in a democracy, I require- institutional support, a media that is objective, a judiciary that is aggressive, the ability to speak in Parliament. All those have been taken away from us. Where is this heading?: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi interacts with Advocates at VOC College, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. Excerpts. via INC India:

A nation is a balance between its institutions. If that balance is disturbed, a nation is disturbed

In India there is – Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Panchayats, Judiciary, Free Press – these institutions together hold the nation in place. Over the last 6 years, we’ve seen a systematic attack on all these institutions

Democracy does not die with a bang, it dies slowly. I am sad to tell you that democracy is dead in India. It is dead because one organisation – the RSS has combined with huge finances to penetrate and disturb and destroy our institutional balance

There are many different manifestations of this – misuse of sedition law, killing & threatening of people, these are all symptoms.

The problem is- concentration of capital has combined with organisation of RSS & destroyed the institutional balance in the country

There are multiple other balances that have also been destroyed. India is a union of states, all states come together to form the nation. When you destroy institutional balance of the country, you also destroy the negotiation between the states

If all the states do not have equal say then the power balance between those states is destroyed and that is a serious problem for any country. This is what we are facing

The spirit of this meeting is to understand what is happening and to defend the Indian nation and India’s institutions from this brutal assault that is taking place

Choosing the right MLA candidate is just one component. If we look at MP, attempts in Rajasthan, Goa, Jharkhand, Puducherry, Arunachal, these are all Congress Govts, where people gave the mandate to us and concentration of capital took the mandate away from us

I know the amount of money that was thrown at MLAs in M.P., Rajasthan, we’re talking massive amounts of money. When you have a party that is fighting elections with thousands & thousands of crores & other parties are not allowed to raise finance

Financiers who would like to support opposition parties come and say look we understand what you’re standing for, we support what you’re standing for but if we give you one rupee, our business will be destroyed

I have had that conversation where they say we want to support you but if we support you, our business will be destroyed and so we cannot support you

On one side, you have capture of all institutions, monopoly on finance & media. On the other side you have political parties that are not allowed to compete. When they form Govts against all odds, their mandates are taken away from them. Where is this heading?

As a political leader, in a democracy, I require- institutional support, a media that is objective, a judiciary that is aggressive, the ability to speak in Parliament. All those have been taken away from us. Where is this heading?

There’s only one way this will get resolved – by mass action. When ordinary citizens realise this country is not being run by his mandate but by force, undemocratically. That’s where this is going, you can see beginnings of it on borders of Delhi

The stirrings are there but as a political person, in my entire career, before 2014 I had never imagined a situation where I will have no institutional support whatsoever

Even if we put the right MLAs in place, it is not enough. The power is so strong and heavy that even that MLA will not be able to sustain

What happens when we come to power? There’s full penetration of all institutions. We’ll have to deal with 15 yrs of judges who have been placed in judiciary because they support one political party. It’s going to be a huge challenge for the country going forward

You can make anti-defection law stronger, you can disqualify them but remember in order to do that you need Parliament and you’re not going to get Parliament right now. Even to enforce that idea, we need institutional structure, we don’t have it

Now India is entering a phase quite like when we were fighting the British that we cannot rely on the institutions to protect our democracy anymore, we can only rely on the people of the country

We should absolutely have laws that don’t allow MLAs to move but first we need a functioning Parliament, we need a judiciary that is not penetrated by the RSS and BJP, a press that raises this issue

Our Madhya Pradesh Govt goes, it is essentially bought but nobody in the media says anything. Our Govt in Arunachal is bought, nobody says anything

Today, if the Congress party wants to win an election, the only way to win is if we have 2/3rd majority. If we win by 10-15 seats, it’s not a win, it’s a loss because BJP comes, buys the people and has its own Govt. It’s what we are facing

People who question, challenge the RSS, BJP are threatened, pushed around. I am lucky because there is nothing they have on me because I had the good sense in my entire political career to be an honest person. That’s why they can’t touch me

That is why I can speak to you because no ED, CBI is going to affect me. That is also why the BJP attacks me 24*7, because they know this man is not corrupt and we have no leverage on this man

We need to have more women in the Judicial system and I am for women’s reservation in Parliament and Vidhan Sabhas. You need more than reservation. Indian men need to change the way they look at Indian women

We can keep doing reservations but unless Indian men start to view Indian women with the same lens that they view themselves, the real change is not going to happen

We think the CAA is discriminatory and we don’t agree with it, we don’t support it. It is discriminatory on many counts

There is a full scale assault on secularism in this country, RSS & BJP are leading that assault.

Secularism is the foundation of our culture & history and hence it is an attack on our culture & history. It is very important that it is stopped in its tracks

Kiren Rijiju India News

I’m glad to inaugurate the National Centre of Excellence for Winter Games at Gulmarg: Kiren Rijiju

On the 2nd day of Khelo India Winter Games, I’m glad to inaugurate the National Centre of Excellence for Winter Games at Gulmarg”.

Look at the happiness in the eyes of the young players.

The hostel at the National Centre of Excellence for Winter Games at Gulmarg” in Jammu and Kashmir has been inaugurated today.